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I have taken a lot of amount from my friend and he gave me without hegitation and also the friendship is such that if i talk of returning back he will get angry on me, and says that no i have given this to u to use on ur own and not to return back, not as credit. what should be done in this case

What say ulema of deen if completed my ablution and then I wore at 10 a.m. my leather socks, I prayed the Sunnah of zuhar with the same socks on then when I felt hot I took them off. So, what is the ruling about me having to wash my feet, when until now, I didn’t do ‘masha’. It’s in fatawa darul uloom that if someone takes off their socks then the washing of the feet in enough if the ablution was not broken from before.


If someone started the I’tikaf in the last ten days of the month of Ramadan but some excusable reason left it, so, what is the ruling on that case?

Is the taraweeh prayer necessary and Sunnah for women as it is for men or is it only for men?

What say the muftis of the eminent sharia about the issue of “Aqeeqa”, that is it Wajib or Sunnah and when it should be done?

How does one perform tauba and istighfar namaaz. How many rakaats, sunnah or nafl and is there specific duas for these salaah. (Canada)

Should we give up Sunnah to please our in-laws?