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Can a father do intimate care on his disabled daughter, especially when she is a teenager and unable to speak. Has never had spoke language cannot say no, mamma or papa.

I am a practising Muslim, who has recently separated from her husband. The father sees his daughter, she is severely disabled and cannot speak. Has no awareness of danger, needs to be cared for 24/7. Goes to a specialist school where they are supervised to look after children like my daughter, with special needs and special care.

She is going through puberty and is fully developed. Her father wants to do intimate care, changing her underwear, clothes, showering and changing her nappy. He also wants to have her at night time, which will mean he has to sleep with her as she self harms in the genital area.

My Islamic belief and view is that, the same sex should do this and not the opposite sex. The Social Worker and carers are available to do this. I would appreciate if you could provide written evidence or resources to show that this is forbidden in Islam.

So my question is can a father do the following for his disabled daughter. Can he sleep with her on a night? Can he bath her? Can he shower her? Can he take her nappy off and change her?

Hanafi Fiqh

Speaking in languages other than Arabic

Is it disliked to speak in a language other than Arabic without a need while being able to speak fluent Arabic? Have you heard this as a position of any of the 4 Madhabs?

I came across a Fatwa of the website where they say that scholars stated that it is disliked to speak in a language other than Arabic without a need. They also bring a quotation from Ibn Taymiyyah (without reference).

Here is a link to the Fatwa:

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Investigating and spying

If you have seen a married woman behaving inappropriately. She sometimes smiles, laugh, joke and becomes friendly with non-mahram
males or shes too nice with non-mahram males. She maybe a good person overall but some of her behaviours require further investigation. For example if she receives a delivery, if the delivery man starts conversation with her shes doesn’t mind talking to him. I understand no one is perfect. My view about her she knows this kind of behaviour inappropriate but she still does it because of charismatic and bubbly or immature personality. I’m very sure she will never do adultery, she doesn’t seems like that. I seen her pray salah sometimes. She stays at home most of her free time. If we suspect her doing wrong actions can we further investigate her? By following what she does when we shes when with non-mahram males.

Hanafi Fiqh

Judging in Islam

Assalmu Alaykum
What does Islam say about judging someone? I have heard that “ We only judge by what is apparent ( Hz. Umar RA) “ but i have trouble understanding that.
Jazak Allah

Hanafi Fiqh

Interest related

Assalamualykum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatuh. Dear Mufti sahib in Shaa ALLAH I pray you are doing good.

Dear sheikh my friend recently told me that he had found many references and evidence from the Quran and Hadith which prohibits the consumption of interest riba. His question is that if there are any references also explicitly prohibiting the paying of interest. He says that payee of the interest is Mazloom and has no choice therefore it is not haram. Sheikh would you be able to help me regarding this issue by sharing some references from Quran and Hadith regarding the paying of interest is haram.

I pray ALLAH grants me knowledge and grants us jannat.



Hanafi Fiqh

Selling house whilst living in the house

Assalam Mualaykum,

In the inheritance talk by Mufti Adbur Rahman Mangera, he talked about a permissible method of transferring a house to one’s son whilst both are still living in the property. The suggestion was to sell the house for a token amount. Would the authorities need to be notified of this sale, as putting a price on the property would complicate the process and incur additional charges?

Currently, my son and I have a 50/50 share with both of our names on the deeds. I wish to make him the sole owner.

Can we change the names on the house deeds as one activity, and then sell the house as a transaction separately, or do both things need to happen at the same time?

Jazakallah Khairun

Hanafi Fiqh

Live cultures/Bacteria/lactic ferments

Asalamualaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

I’ve been really struggling with my OCD recently, to the point that I can’t focus on other things.

So, I recently learnt that yogurts, cheeses and other products contain live culters/lactic ferments (bacteria) etc as part of their production process, these bacteria that are added can be derived from human/animal/plants and still say suitable for vegetarians, so its really difficult to know fully whether the cheese or yogurt etc is fully halal. From what I have understood, they almost always have these bacteria/cultures added in order to change the milk into cheese/yogurt.

Is it permissable to consume these products while being unsure of the source of the lactic cultures/ferments/bacteria etc?
And if not, are these products then regarded as impure? So if they were to spill on you would it be regarded as an impurity?

I would really appreciate your advice regarding this.

Jazaakumullahu khayran

Hanafi Fiqh

Combining prayers during twilight

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Pray and Hope you are in the best of health.

Will it be Makrooh to pray Salaah-tul-Esha on its own for a day after praying Salaah-tul-Maghrib and Salaah-tul-Esha together consecutively for many days (due to no valid Esha Shari’ time in the summer)?

جزاك الله خيرا