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What is the Islamic view on names of Allah appearing on objects like cows and fruits?

Explain the sighting of the new moon and how fasting and Eid are observed in Saudi Arabia.

Is keeping birds in cages allowed in Islam? Is it allowed to take soil from Jannat ul baqi? Is rubbing Ahram, tasbeh, and caps through Kabba for barkat allowed?

Are Taubligi Jama’at’s practices of Three days Sayrozaa, Chilla, and four months Fardh, Sunat or Mustahab? What about not attending daily Fazaal-e-Amal reading and weekly islahi speech? Is it wrong to get Islamic information from books rather than attending the gathering?

Is the effort of Da’wath o thabligh Fardh e Ain or Fardh e Kifaya and how to deal with those who do shortcomings in this?

Permissible to recite Sura e Ankabooth and Sura e Room and distribute on sweets during Ramadhan?

Are there any other types of meat besides Halal and Haram (e.g. Makrooh)?

What is the proper status to keep regarding Yazeed and his treatment of Ahl al-Bayt?

Can a person who follows the Hanafi School perform Nafl Namaz with Raf’a Yadain (raising hands) and Jalsa e Isthirahath (sitting before standing for 2nd or 3rd Raka’at)?

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