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Am I allowed to enter into a Misyar marriage with another woman simply for her to conceive a child for me via IVF?

How do I deal with a troubling mother in law?

Do I have to perform the Qadha of missed Salah and fasts while I was a Muslim as well as of when I became non-Muslim? What is the Kaffarah for becoming atheist?

How will a person read his sunnah salah if he missed salah with congregation? Is it permissible to have 2 Jumu`ah prayers in a single masjid?

What is the meanings of the given names? Which names are advisable?

What is the categorisation of the Hadith on the status of Arabs?

I am so depressed when in menses. What is the solution?

What is the basis of masah upon the Jawrabain? Can the Qur`anic verse facilitate performing masah over, as well as washing, the feet?

Is it permissible to perform Masah on leather socks which may allow some moisture to appear on foot after submerging it in water?

What is the maximum length of a Muslim male`s hair and what constitutes imitation of women? How is such a person`s Imamat?

The parents want their daughter to marry within the family with a boy of their choice. While she does not want to displease her parents, she does not want to marry within the family: What should she do?

Is my sister`s son the mahram of my wife?

Are the following narrations from Ihya al-Uloom of Imam Ghazzali authentic?

Is IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) treatment permissible in Islam?

Is it permissible to term interest money paid to bank as profit paid to bank? Is it permissible to claim insurance on a damaged vehicle in an accident?