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Hanafi Fiqh

OCD and waswasa

Selamun aleykum,

I have Problems with waswasa in many regards, I would be ver thankful if you could tackle 3 scenarios which happen to me daily:

1. Washing Hands after washing body in Ghusl:

In Ghusl we should wash our body 3 times (sunnah). Before that we shall remove any najasa. I do that, but when washing off the najasa, water splashes back on my body. I normaly wash my hands after every of the 3 body washings thereafter. But When washing my hands water splashes back on my body. When washibg the seccond time I will again touch this water which splashed back and even if I then wash my hands again, water will splash again which I will then touch again and after the 3 washings I therfore always doubt the purity of my hands and body. So my question is, are my hands concidered clean after washing my body once even when touching splashes of impure water, or am I right with suspecting them to be dirty thereafter? Then how to ebd this endless cicle of water splashing?

2. Istinja is very difficult for me because I can’t do it on my toilet because the toilet water will always spash up on me. So I do Istinja in the shower. But now, after washing any filth from the 2 parts away, the water whish washes away the najasa rubs down my legs and splashes on me and I have to then also wash my legs and feet. When doing this at the end, I have to step on the water again which collects on the floor because the drain is at the end of the Bathtub and the water doesn’t flow away directly but needs some time. This leads to my feet getting dirty again. I don’t see traces of najasa but K know that this water on the floor is from washkbg away filth so there has to be najasa in it. Also when washing my legs and feet, again water spladhes from the leg I wash to the other abd when I then wash this leg water splashes to the other again. This seems like an endless cicle. Please help me with this

3. Opening Takbir:

When saying my opening takbir I often mispronounce and have to try many times until I can start Salah. I know one should ignore such waswasa, but when I try to convince myself after saying it, that it was correct, I still mostly have some doubt wether to break or keep on. Now the problem: Doubting wether to keep on Salah or break it, breaks Salah in on itself. So even If I convince myself that It was pronunced alright after mentally arguing with myself, I will still have to start anew because I was not firm in my intention to end Salah and had doubt wether I will keep on or break and start anew. But Sheytan will always try to give me these doubts. How should I tackle this, if this on itself breaks the Salah. Also even worse: This has led to me never vekng sure, when saying my Opebing Takbir, If I will be able to pronounce it correctly and start my prayer which means my intention is not firm and even if then I pronounce it correctly, it will be like a suprise for me that I got it on the first try which means I was never firm in my intention to start Salah when saying it.

Please give me some advise in these matters. I know this can’t be right and you have helped me in the past so I hope you can now too.

Jazkallahlu Khairan

Hanafi Fiqh

Mirzai Qadianis objections on khatame nabuwat

Qadianis mizais claim that khatam e nabuwat doesnot mean the end of prophethood.They give following arguments.
1.khattam means seal of prophets not final prophet.
2.muslims unanimously believe that prophet Essaa alaihis salam will return.if there is no need of any prophet after khatame nabuwat then why will essaa alaihis salam return. duroode ibraheemi all muslims pray for biggest blessings upon aale Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa aala aalihi wasallim like blessings upon aal of ibrahim alsihis salaam.qadianis say that biggest blessing among aale ibrahim was that they became prophets.
4.qadianis say that prophet Esa alaihis salam died and quraan used word Tawaffi which means death and there is no logic to consider that tawaffi means to get lifted without dying.
5.qadianis claim that the one who had to come wasnt jesus but an ummati prophet.

Hanafi Fiqh

Regarding women I’tikaf at home

Assalamu alaykum,

I pray everyone is in the best of health and imaan.
I’m sitting in the sunnah i’tikaf in my home whilst alone and I have been leaving the room in which I’m performing I’tikaf to prepare my meals (including washing up used dishes whilst cooking) and to use the washroom. Today the electricity circuit breaker tripped (I lost electricity) so I went to reset it. However the circuit breaker is located away from the room i’m performing i’tikaf and also away from the kitchen/washroom. After I rested the electricity, on my way returning to the i’tikaf room (without stopping), I picked something up from the shelf.

Is my i’tikaf broken? If so, do I change intention to nafl and do I make qadha?

Jazakumullahu khayran.

Hanafi Fiqh

Ashari and Maturidi

Assalamu Alaykum Mufti Sb
I have heard about the Ashari and Maturidi schools however i dont know much about them.
Could you please explain these two schools in detail as well as their adherents and the differences between them? Does one need to follow a specific school?
Jazak Allah

Hanafi Fiqh

Cosmetic procedure and nose correction

Assalam u Alaikum,

I wanted to ask a few questions about cosmetic procedures, specifically nose procedures. This is a fairly long question but I ask you to read it fully and grant me help because I’m desperate for it. May Allah SWT bless you for your efforts and help.

I am very very insecure about my nose. My nose insecurity holds me back from so many opportunities and experiences in my life. My insecurity is on my mind every single day. This insecurity eats at me and it’s honestly all I can think about for a really long time now. I’m tired of being insecure. I’m tired of crying over this matter. I feel weak. This insecurity causes me major psychological distress.

I believe that I have a slightly deviated nasal septum that causes my nostrils and both sides of my nose to look slightly different from one another. I wanted to ask if it would be permissible for me to go to a plastic surgeon for a septorhinoplasty which is a nose procedure that would not only straighten my slightly deviated nasal septum, but also even out both sides of my nose and nostrils, so that they could at least look the same and my nose would be restored to a more natural shape? Also I’m mainly a mouth breather so this procedure would in shaa Allah benefit my breathing and also restore my nose to a natural, even shape.

I have never been to a doctor for my nose issues before. Will it be permissible for me to go to a consultation with a plastic surgeon so I could tell them about the internal structures of my nose that I believe need to be straightened as well as talk to them about the slightly uneven nostrils and sides of my nose and what we could do to give me a natural, more even look? I will let the doctor know that I do not want to completely change my appearance. In fact I do not want the change to my nose to be noticeable at all from the frontal view of my face and nose. I mainly want to alter the sides of my nose and my nostrils so that they can look even.

Also I have a minor bump on my nose and if it is still present after the procedure to straighten my nasal septum and even out both sides of my nose, will it be permissible for me to get nose filler/non-surgical nose job in order to add volume to my nose to slightly alter the shape of my nose and reduce the appearance of the bump and give my nose tip a slight lift? This is temporary by the way.

I’m 21 years old and I’m just so tired of being insecure about this. I do not want to completely change my look. I know changing ones look is very common in today’s society unfortunately, but I just want a more natural look. Honestly I just want a more natural, even, and feminine nose profile.

Also, I’m not married yet and I don’t want to do anything that would be considered deception to my future husband. I don’t want to look completely different from how I naturally look. Since I’m not married, yet, for now will I be able to straighten my nasal septum and then just get the temporary nose job using nose fillers and then when I get married in shaa Allah, I can talk to my husband about doing the permanent change to my nose?

Again I just want to make minor changes and I mainly only want to alter the side views of my nose.

Thank you so much for your help. May Allah SWT bless you and your loved ones with happiness in this dunya and in the akhirah.