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Going out during iddah and maintenance

Assalamu alaikum,
My husband and I (married for 3 months before separation) separated unexpectedly in the beginning of January as HE told me to I should go and stay in my parents house. He also did not visit me at all during the separation. At the end of March, he sent me an email testifying that he had given me one talaq and his father and uncle were listed as the witnesses. He also mentioned in the email that the marriage was not consummated – which is false. He has also not given me or my family any reason for why he has given talaq and has refused all attempts at a mediation. As I am not doing my Iddah in my marital home as this isn’t possible at all, (a. He does not want anything to do with me. b. I feel unsafe in the house as his mother has consistently harassed, threatened and emotionally/verbally abused me)

My question is (1) as Ive been living in my parents house since January and my husband and I haven’t been intimate since, do I still have to stay at home and not go out at all? Ie are there any differences in my iddah? (2)if not, for what reasons can I go out? (3)Is he not supposed to be providing for me for Jan, Feb, March and my iddah period?(til end of May) Because he stopped providing for me since Jan, and did not allow me to work while we were married.
Jazakallah khairun for your time

Hanafi Fiqh

Madhur with unpredictable occurrence of excuse

Selamun aleykum,

Please answer according to Hanafi Fiqh:

I know that a mazur is a person which suffers from a breaker of Wudu for an entire Salah period, without being able to maintain wudu for a simple Farz Salah. And he continues to be as long as it happens once each Salah-Time.

But what about a person who has times in which he can perfom Salah, but his breaker of wudu is irregular and unpredictable so that he has to try multiple times until he is able.

In my case I suffer from breaking of wind and mathy release. Since it is irregular and unpredictable, I have to do wudu somtimes 10 or more times for one Prayer, thereby wasting a lot of water, annoying my parents and harming my mental health since it makes me depressed at times. I can’t life normally anymore. I can’t concentrate on Salah, since I rather have to concentrate on not breaking it. I have to postpone meetings at times since I have to do wudu several times again and again until I can finish my Prayer. Praying in Jamaah has therfore also become a difficult task. Note that I often not only have to do wudu over and over again but also istinja, since I have a Problem with mathy release too.

I read that Shafii scholars say that such a person, who has times in which he can pray but it is unpredictable and irregular, shall be classified as mazur too. Is this true according to Hanafi Fiqh too? If not, can I take this dispensation? If yes, will I have to adhere to the Shafii school in all matters related to that (Tahara, wudu and Salah) and will I only be able to pray one Salah with one Wudu, since this is the judgment of the Shafi school? I think this would be hardship in on itself as I am used to follow the Hanafi Madhab in all matters. Also it is quite common sense that such a person should be a Mazur too, as it can’t be right and normal to having to do Wudu so often for one Salah over and over again. This is to much of a hardship.

If this is not possible according to Hanafi Fiqh, what would be the solution for my problem? Just accepting that I can’t life a normal life?

Also I want to know, If one is indeed a mazur, wudu will break only with the ending of Salah time. But what if one does wudu just before the ending of Salah time and until the Prayer of the next time, ones wudu does not break (i.e I don’t have to break wind or release mathy in the meantime). Would one be able to pray the prayer of the next time with the same wudu one just did in the last time? Since it would be normaly still valid? Or will wudu break with the ending of Salah-Time even if one did not break wind after doing wudu?

I shall wait patiently for your answer, but a fast response would really be appreciated. May Allah reward you for your work. Thank you in advance.

Hanafi Fiqh

Doubts in fast breaking

Selamun aleykum,

My fast continues to break due to stupid reasons. I follow Hanafi Fiqh and according to Hanafi Mafhab, even accidentally eating/drinking breaks my fast. This results in waswasa and hardship for me.

Either I see blood when I spit (due to torn lips because they get dry from fasting) or I find eating leftovers from suhur when spitting (no matter how much I brush my teeth and rinse my mouth thereafter) or I wake up and find salvia next to me and on my mouth and it is nearly unavoidable that I will swallow some of the salvia which already had seperated from my mouth when sleeping.

But what botheres me most is that already twice now when praying I suddenly felt sth. like a hair near my throat which I couldn’t remove (May have gotten there when showering). So since it drove me cracy and I didnt know what to do i just tried to swallow it in both cases. Would this be concidered intentionally eating and require kaffara (60 days fasting)? I mean, I didnt put it there but I intentionally tried to swallow it. But then again, what else should I have done? I really couldn’t remove it since I was in Salah and it was too far behind near my throat. Could I just disregard it as waswasa? Even though the feeling was quite strong and I don’t now what else it should have been if not a hair? And even if it wasn’t a hair, wouldn’t the intention to swallow this supposed hair be enough to break the fast and require kaffara?

All of this makes me depressed and takes away everything which should be beautiful about this Month. I really don’t want to do Qada of all these days and I couldn’t take having to fast 60 days in a row because of the hair incident which I described. I really try my best but can’t avoid things like this.

Please help me with this. May Allah reward you

Hanafi Fiqh

Premium Bonds – Prize bonds


I wanted to ask if the purchase of premium bonds is halal?

I have purchased premium bonds on the website above and occasionally I win money prizes in a month. I don’t win every month.

I wanted to know if it is halal to buy this sort of premium bonds?

If it is not permissible, I will take my investment out.

The prize wins that I have accumulated over the amount I have invested. Please can you advise what I do with that money?

I invested £5,000 initially. By winning the prizes in some months. That amount equals to £500. My investment now is £5,500. I have gained £500.

Can I give it as interest money to a poor Muslim country?
Can I give to a non Muslim charity?

Please advise.

Hanafi Fiqh

Doubts about purity after periods

I have doubts about the purity after periods, on 1st of May I had my periods at day time around 11 am or 12 pm. Then on 10th of may after Maghrib azan I took ghusl performed isha and even had intercourse with my husband. Then at suhur I woke up and took ghusland kept my fast. On 11th may At day time while i was fasting i came to know that maximum limit of periods as per hanafi fiqh is 240 hrs. And now i am doubtfull that if my fast is valid, should i break it or not. And if i am sinfull that i had intimacy with husbnd if i was not pure at that time. Plz help me with answer as i searched alot but i didnt find any answer. Plz keep in mind that i dont see signs of purity usually even after 10 days. usually i take bath on 11th day after fajar azan and perfrom prayer etc. This time i was concerned about My fast so i searched on the net and found that islamic new day starts after maghrib so i took ghusal etc

Hanafi Fiqh


Aw. Respected mufti sb are you aware of any car financing/leasing that is Shariah compliant within the UK? Jzk. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hanafi Fiqh


Asw. My mother has anaemia and has very low levels of iron and vitamins and is anaemic.
What is the fatwa regarding her fasting or not in the month of Ramadan ?

Hanafi Fiqh

Visiting parents after marriage

Assalamualaikum, I have a question regarding visiting parents after marriage. I know that in hanafi fiqh a girl is allowed to visit her parents once a week with or without her husband’s permission, but what about if she lives in a different state or country than her parents? Is going 3-4 times a year for 10-15 days too much to ask for, especially if my dad is willing to pay for some of the trips? Please let me know how many times I am allowed to go and for how many days? Jazakallahu khairan.

Hanafi Fiqh

Credit card cashback/rewards/points permissible?

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahee wa barakahtuh,

Sheikh, I was wondering if it is permissible to use a credit card to get the cash back/rewards/points benefits. I’ve seen people talk about using a credit card to spend money that they currently have and to then pay off the amount immediately. This way, they say that they avoid the interest and reap the cash back/rewards benefits.

Is this permissible? If so, what are the conditions of doing so?