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Going out during iddah and maintenance

Assalamu alaikum,
My husband and I (married for 3 months before separation) separated unexpectedly in the beginning of January as HE told me to I should go and stay in my parents house. He also did not visit me at all during the separation. At the end of March, he sent me an email testifying that he had given me one talaq and his father and uncle were listed as the witnesses. He also mentioned in the email that the marriage was not consummated – which is false. He has also not given me or my family any reason for why he has given talaq and has refused all attempts at a mediation. As I am not doing my Iddah in my marital home as this isn’t possible at all, (a. He does not want anything to do with me. b. I feel unsafe in the house as his mother has consistently harassed, threatened and emotionally/verbally abused me)

My question is (1) as Ive been living in my parents house since January and my husband and I haven’t been intimate since, do I still have to stay at home and not go out at all? Ie are there any differences in my iddah? (2)if not, for what reasons can I go out? (3)Is he not supposed to be providing for me for Jan, Feb, March and my iddah period?(til end of May) Because he stopped providing for me since Jan, and did not allow me to work while we were married.
Jazakallah khairun for your time

Hanafi Fiqh

Indiscernible vaginal discharge and intercourse

I’m newly married for about 2 months. My wife had a vaginal discharge before bedtime and she was uncertain of its colour and hence, was unsure if her menses has begun. We engaged in intimacy with no penetration. However, our private parts had skin-to-skin contact at the area between the navel and knees. Am I sinful for this? What is the expiation for my error?

Hanafi Fiqh

Revoking divorce

Assalamu alaykum,

If a man divorces his wife, then is intimate with her before the iddat ends, is the marriage valid again simply due to the fact that he was intimate with her?
Or when he is intimate with her does he specifically have to have the intention that he is taking her back?

JazakAllahu khayr

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