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Since my wife is pregnant and she is unable to cut her pubic hair, Can I cut them for her. How often are we suppose to cut our pubic hair and our arm pit hair (every 30 or 40 days). And is their a special day for this and cutting hair and nails nails. What is the Sunnah in cutting nails.

Is it ok to host or attend functions like: 1. Mehndi. 2. Manje/Haldi. 3. Jumagi. 4. Birthdays. 5. Anniversaries (Marriage or Death). 6. Graduation functions. 7. Baby Showers (generally 7th month of pregnancy/sathwaasa). 8. Hadiya – Child completes the first recitation of the entire Qur’an. 9. Bismillah – When a child starts the recitation of Qur’an. 10. Chilla (40 days after birth of a child). 11. Chetti (6 days after birth of a child). 12. Ziyarat (3 days after the death of a person). 13. Chehlum (40 days after the death of a person). 14. Barsi (1 year after the death of a person). 15. Kheer-Pooriyan. 16. Saymani. 17. Niyaz. 18. Burdah-Shareef. 19. Gyarwin (11th)?

I’m pregnant ,and we are thinking of inviting my mother to help me in pregnancy. my question is should my husband pay for her expenses or should my mother make all arrangements according to Islamic rules.

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