Hanafi Fiqh

Nifaas After A Miscarriage

Question:just needed to know if my bleeding is nifaas or istihaadha or haydh? At around 7 weeks i had a inevitable miscarriage – no fetal heart was seen at all and yesterday I passed out the sac.. Answer: In principle, if after the miscarriage, the foetus is of...

Hanafi Fiqh

Treatment By A Male Gynecologist

Question:Is it permissibile for a Muslim Women to visit a Muslim male gynaecologist for checkups during pregnancy whilst there is the option of Non Muslim Female Gynaecologist Answer: As long as a Muslim woman is able to go to a female gynecologist even though the...

Hanafi Fiqh

Fasting during pregnancy

Assalamualikum. I will be in the last month of my pregnancy during ramadan. I wanted to ask that what is the ruling of fasting for me this ramadan since i will be nearing the end of my pregnancy. If i do not fast, can i still offer taraweeh or not? Answer Wa’alaykum...