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Investment Agent

Thank you muftisaab. So I have been trading stocks personally for a number of years, and always follow Islamic protocol. I am mindful of what industries I invest in, never going short on trades, mindful of debt ratios etc and alhamdulilah have had good success. This led me to wanting to grow my venture to open up the scalability of it and to start to do it on behalf of others. So I’ve approached friends and family initially, with the proposal that they invest their money with my limited business, and I trade on their behalf in a way that is similar to a fund, of course concentrating only on halal stocks. What I have offered to them is that they receive a X% return on their investment per annum, and If I manage to out perform X% on the market, whTever is in excess, is profit for myself as well, so that the arrangement is mutually beneficial. I have told them that if the year elapses and they request their money back, and the money is currently tied up in open investments in the market, I will honour their request from the pool of funds I have sitting on the side as liquidity, which remains untouched to underwrite any clients investment. I was wondering, mufti, whether this arrangement is permissible? And if it is not permissible, how I can adjust my business model in order to bring it into accordance to Islamic shariah. JazakAllah khair

Hanafi Fiqh

Student Finance

Assalamualikum. Is student finance allowed for muslim to do a degree from university? And sometimes students are eligible to get bursaries like full fee , disable allowance, child care allowance or parent allowance , Are these permissible to take or not??
And if these are not allowed and someone has taken it what should they do now if they are in the middle Or end of their degree??

Hanafi Fiqh

Muslim and non-Muslim relationship


Are muslims and non muslims allowed to be friends?
There are a few verses where Allah has commanded muslims not befriend jews, Christians and idolaters. However I have heard many scholars say that it is ok to be friends with non-muslims even atheists, and these verses only addressed specific situations that were meant to warn early muslims that jews and idolaters of their time cannot be trusted since they were at war with them.

Hanafi Fiqh

Opening fast knowing that sunset might not have happened

Assalamualaikum, in Ramadan a few years ago I saw my friends opening their fast for iftar and I saw that my mum had not opened her fast yet and she was waiting a bit longer. I knew that my friends might not know the proper timing for iftar, but I still opened my fast with them. I do not remember if the time was actually before sunset or not as I did not check afterwards and cannot remember now. Do I have to do kaffarah?

Hanafi Fiqh

Is a fixed interest loan Riba?

Assalamualaikum Sheikh.

Inshaallah I hope you’re doing well.

I will be going to university in the UK for my UG for 4 years. My father has decided that he wants to take a loan from the bank with a fixed interest of an agreed amount (about 1% which he’s happy with) in order to pay for the tuition without worry during those 4 years. He’ll pay for the first part and he said I’ll pay once I’ve finished.

Is this Riba? Can you please help me define Riba in layman’s terms and what is the halal way of loans and banks?

Al Azhar University fatwa allows for fixed returns on Bank deposits

I’m trying to get another opinion because I’ve linked a fatwa by al-Azhar that seemingly says that it’s permissible? Inshaallah you can clarify this for me as I may have misunderstood. I thought it’ll be better if I ask directly.

Please make du’a for me and may Allah reward you. Assalamualaikum.

Hanafi Fiqh

Downloading Islamic Books for free

Assalamu Alaikum.

Sheikh, will it be permissible to download Islamic pdf books from online for personal use, educational reasons etc. without intending to earn money through it?Websites like internet archive and allow you to download a wide range of useful Islamic books for free. Sometimes these books are payed for. Will it be permissible to download them? Will we have to take into consideration copyright laws etc. If I could I would probably try and buy my books, but I can’t really do that because I’m still 15 and don’t work, and I don’t want to constantly ask my dad to buy me different books. Is there difference if the author has passed away? Like for e.g if I want to download Fathul Bari of Ibn Hajar or Umdatul Qari or I’laa us Sunan, which are classical books for free, would it be permissible? What are the rulings pertaining to this?

JazakAllahu Khairan.

Hanafi Fiqh

Compensating someone who was hit

Assalamu ‘alaiykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

Please consider the following case:
Person A grabs person B by the shirt. Person A then approaches Person B from behind and throws him violently on to a concrete pavement. Person A holds person B on the ground in a headlock and tells his friends to kick person B. Person A then punches person B on the forehead three times. Person A allows person B to stand up. However, person B begins to run away and person A begins to chase him. Person A tackles person B on to the ground, and then leaves. Person A had no cynical intention of causing serious harm to person B and he does not know the extent of the injuries he had inflicted on person B. Nevertheless, he is blameworthy of acting recklessly and on misguided emotion. He is repenting and seeking ways to correct his oppression, but he has no means of contacting person B. How much should he pay in sadaqa as compensation, and should he take any further steps? I apologize again for taking up your time with the same questions.
Jazakallahu khaiyrun.

Hanafi Fiqh

Mixed questions on zakat

Aoa, I just watched Dr. Mufti Abdur Rehman’s video on zakat. I have been working since 2014 and have paid zakat on gold only as I didnt know zakat was due on other items as well. Now i need help to identify the correct zakat to pay. Can you please answer my below enquiries.
1. I have 408 gms of Gold given to me by my parents and husband on my wedding, sitting in bank. How much will be zakat on it, if any? And do we use the rate on which the gold was purchased to calculate the zakat or will it be the market rate of gold on the date on nisab’s anniversary? I saw another video where they said no Zakat is due on gold gifted to a woman onnher wedding as wives of Prophet (S.A.W) didnt pay zakat on them.
2. I also have $40K cash sitting in my bank out of which $15K belong to the amount i am saving for a future surgery i have to get. Do i pay zakat on that $15K as well?
3. I have recently built a house which is on rent. Its been 5 months it has been on rent. Can you advise if I will pay zakat on rental income? Again it wont matter if the money has started coming to me only 5 months ago but if its in the bank on the anniversary day, i pay zakat on it? Right? And No zakat is payable on the investment property amount?
4. I also have loaned money to some friends as well. Do I add that amount to my cash sitting in bank on every anniversary date before i calculate my zakat?
5. Finally, if i havent paid the correct amount of zakat in the past, do i have to catch up on that amount? Or u seek forgiveness and start paying it correctly in future?

Please let me know, i will be very grateful.

JazakAllah Khair.

Hanafi Fiqh

Trying to do good, but find myself slipping. Seeking advice.


As salaam alaikum,

Dear brother/sister,

I honestly don’t know where to start. It’s been 2 years now that ive been a practicing muslimah alhamdulillah. I wasn’t always stable though…I had my ups and downs. I am engaged to a wonderful and pious man. So everything seemed to be alright…but now I feel like everything is collapsing. Ive waited for 3 years to do the study Ive always wanted to do. They finally accepted me and this is my first year. But things are not going wel with my study..I feel like Im not going to make it this year and that wil be another year spent. Plus..i have no other choice after way out. So thats really making me depressed at the moment.

Also..I want to wear the hijab asap but my parents won’t let me. I tried to wear it a year ago but they wouldnt let me…it was impossible at that moment. And lets not even mention my health…Ive been soo sick lately…everything hurts, my whole body..I feel so weak..I have a lot of health problems lately.

And my husband (I dont live with him yet) expects a lot from me. He has always been a faithful and pious man…he doesnt miss any prayer…he reads a lot..he knows a lot about islam. But me…I am a failure..i truly am. It’s been a month now that I havent been praying…I had a study loan because I couldnt pay my study..I dont read, I dont practice so often. And I have the feeling that because of my behaviour towards the Lord…I am in this position now. I am losing a lot..and I dont know how to handle it cause problems are just about to start. I am sure that when my parents find out that I am gonna wear the hijab and dont want a wedding party, they will make things very difficult for me.

People keep telling me…make the prayer..those things I already know…thats not what I want to know. I want to know how I can get out of this position and how I can increase my imaan…cause thats where all the problems start I guess.

I know this story is too long…I just hope someone can at least give me some good advice for I have no friends and can’t be honest about this to my husband.

I am looking forward to an answer.

jazakallah khair.


Hanafi Fiqh

Reverting to my niqab and steadfastness



I really want to do an alimah course but i don’t know where to start from. I have no friends who are practicing muslims. Another thing is i use to wear a niqaab from 2005. I took it off in 2009 and that was the biggest mistake I ever made. I have never took my abaya and hijab off but recently i am craving to wear my niqab again as i know it will protect me from a lot of things. Even with my loose abaya and hijab i have men staring…and i don’t want anyone looking at me. I am married. I fear Allah .. My family will laugh and say for how long now? Can you please advise me.

Jazakallahu khairan.