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Mamaathees & Hayatis

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A scholar called Maulana Yunus Nomani came to a local masjid, some people started to say do not give him charity because he is a “Mamathee”, they claim to be linked to the madrassah Deoband but are actually misguided. They were saying that they have belief like the “Wahhabis” like do not believe that the Prophet sallallahoaihiwasalam is alive which sometimes leads to becoming a “Usmani”. They said that they are “Hayatis” and they believe that the Prophet salallahoalaiwasalam is alive and so are the other Prophets peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all and so are the Shaheeds. Please explain is this true? What is Mamaathees and Hayatis? Oh and what is Usmani? If it is true please tell me according to Qur’an and Sunnah?
Mamaathees & Hayatis
What we learn from quran and haith is that it’s prohibited to call the martyrs as dead people. They are alive and living people in purgatory so are the prophets and the leaders amongst the prophets all are alive. Hence the deobandi scholars are of the opinion that all prophets are alive. Those who say against the liveliness of the prophets say so in opposition to the deobandis and words “hayati wa mamati” are used as profanities. In reality the prophet peace be upon him and all the other prophets peace be upon them all are alive which is proven from Hadith. Also, it’s in the quran that all the martyrs are alive. Hence, however denies the deobandi scholars should not be given any attention.

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