This answer was collected in 2012 from the website of Jameah Mahmoodiyah, South Africa. The original website no longer exists.

Two Fasts With One Niyyah

Answered by Mahmoodiyah

Question: Assalamualaikum, I am 25 years old woman. Alhamdulillah I try to follow my religion as most as I can. my question is… Is it permissible to perform a Qadhaa Fardh Rozah and a Nafl Rozah both with the single Niyyah .If it is not then which one is accepted as performed. If anybody did… read more »

Must I Give Damm?

Answered by Mahmoodiyah

Question: Assalamualaikum Re: Umrah what does one have to do if they feel that they only completed 5 rounds in Sa’ee instead of 7.My family members who were with me assure me that I did do 7 rounds but I was so worried I was going to do something wrong that I became confused and… read more »

Performing Umrah While Tattooed

Answered by Mahmoodiyah

Question: Dear Brother/Sister   I am intending to perform UMRAH in a couple of weeks. I have a small black tattoo on my right arm that I had done long time back. I am trying to remove it permanently but it is going to take time.   1. Can I perform the Umrah with the… read more »

Marrying A Second Wife

Answered by Mahmoodiyah

Question: Can a man who is legally married in the south African law (Christian) marry a Muslim woman in the Muslim way while still  married to the first wife? Answer:      A Muslim man who is legally married in South African law can marry another woman in the Muslim way while still married to… read more »

Is Taqleed Necessary?

Answered by Mahmoodiyah

Question: What is the importance of “Taqleed”? And is Taqleed Fardh on the Ulamaa as it is Fardh on the general mass? Jazakallah Answer:      To practice on the commands of the Shari’ah is compulsory on every Muslim. One who is not a master in Shari’ah law then he will have to rely on… read more »

Working in a non-Muslim Police Force

Answered by Mahmoodiyah

Question: Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Is it allowed for a Muslim to work in a Police Department in a non-Muslim country?  Please answer with proofs. Answer:      The laws in a non Muslim country are usually in conflict with those of Islam. There are in fact, certain laws which are in direct conflict… read more »

Wife Is Muslim, Husband Is Not

Answered by Mahmoodiyah

Question: Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,   I a married non-Muslim woman with 2 children decides that she want to be a Muslim, and her husband wants not to be a Muslim. What should the woman then do? Must she divorce directly? Or is there a waiting period?   Please answer my question with proofs…. read more »

Can We Make Nikah?

Answered by Mahmoodiyah

Question: I know I will get married to this man later, but if I want to marry him now because I meet him, can it be done by a common friend of ours with witnesses?  What will the procedure be? Answer:      If your parents consent to the Nikah and you are positive about… read more »

Procedures For Correct Nikah

Answered by Mahmoodiyah

Question: Assalamualaikum I have been reading up on your site but I actually needed some help regarding Nikah procedures.  I hope you can help out. I understand that for a Nikah to be done, 2 Muslim witnesses along with a Mahram for the bride must be present. Now the problem is that myself and the… read more »

Nafl Before Maghrib Salaah

Answered by Mahmoodiyah

Question: Assalamualaikum,   Why is it not allowed to pray 2 Rak’aats Naafilah before the Fardh of Maghrib in the Hanafi Madhab as there are Sahih Hadiths tell us to do so like that between every azan and Iqaamah there is a prayer and others Hadiths which are specifically mentioning a Naafilah prayer before Maghrib.   Please… read more »