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Does Tawaf for Umrah Compensate for the Missed Tawaf of Ifadah ?

My mother performed Hajj long time ago. She experienced menses after she had stayed at Arafah, so she performed all the rituals of Hajj, except Tawaf Al-Ifadah(circumambulation around the Ka`bah) and the Farewell Tawaf. Afterwards, she returned to Jordan. However, it is worth mentioning that she went back to perform Umrah. Does the Tawaf for Umrah compensate for the Tawaf of Ifadah that she had missed, and what is the ruling on her Hajj?

Shafi'i Fiqh

A Person is Ritually Pure unless Certain otherwise

While observing fast in Ramadan, I realized that I didn`t become free of menses because I quickly made Ghousl(Ritual bath) before making sure that it has ended. As a result, I estimated the number of these days as I thought most probable and made up for them on the basis that I have my menses in Ramadan for one time, but I don`t remember if I had experienced it twice or not in that same month?

Shafi'i Fiqh

It is Forbidden for a Ceremonially Impure Person, a Woman in Post-Natal Bleeding and Menses to Stay in the Mosque

I went to perform Omrah with my father. In the last two days of the trip, I had my menses, and since I was too scared to stay in the hotel alone, I went to the mosque with him. While there, I engaged in praising Almighty Allah and seeking His forgiveness, although I was in a state of impurity. After we returned home, I was told that what I did wasn`t permissible and I could have incurred sin. What should I do? Have I incurred the wrath of Allah? Have I sinned? Is my Omrah considered valid?

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