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Is it permissible for them to perform Jumuah Salaat there in the village or not?

To choose the name “Sufyan” is it appropriate? Can you explain the virtues of this name?

Sunnas & Makhrūhaats of Fasting

Details about I’tikaaf

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Is Pepsin and Lipase okay to consume if they are integrated into a product?

Is one Qurbani sufficient on behalf of a family or is each eligible person required to do his/her own Qurbani?

Is it permissible to recite Quran during menstrual cycle? And if she is teaching in a madresah, what are the rules and restrictions during this period?

Is it Sunnah to leave a green leaf of a date-palm on a grave?

Starting a book on Wednesday

Various modes of vehicle purchases

Is it permissible to obtain a tax receipt when one makes a Zakaat donation?

Imam standing by the chest of the mayyit in Janazah Salaah

I want to know what is referred to when a person says the time of zawaal? Does zawaal and istiwaa mean the same thing or are they different?

Teeth Adjustment