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Zakaat for Business

Zakaat In Business – There are two Scenaraios related to this

***Scenario 1***
There is an Oil Supplier, and a Oil Retailer. I am the middle man in between. The Oil Supplier has fixed a price for the Oil to the Retailer. But this is just the Oil and does not include the packaging. I arrange for packaging (Bottles and labelling) and also place the order from the Oil Retailer to the Oil Supplier

I source bottles and labels from various companies. I pay for the raw products and send them off to the Oil Supplier so that he can put the oil in the packaging. The Oil Supplier will then fill the bottles and apply labels – then send off to the Oil Retailer.
The Oil Supplier bills me for the oil – I bill the Oil retailer at the exact same price – no profit is made here.

Question 1:
( Do I need to pay Zakaat – I am just facilitating the deal due to me supplying the bottles and labels?)

As For the Bottles and Labels packaging – I make a small profit on this and sell it as a separate cost to the Oil Retailer.
Question 2:
When is Zakaat payable on the above – do I pay it at the time of purchasing the raw products? Or is Zakaat to be calculated at the end of the year on the profits from the sales (and what balance of cash is left over)?

Question 3:
How do I calculate Zakaat on this? Will this be based on the cost of the packaging or the price that I sell it at?
So example the the raw product cost is 10.00 and I sell it on for 10.50 Do I calculate Zakaat based on the cost, the sold price or the profit of (0.50)?

***Scenario 2***
In the second scenario about the Oil Supplier and Oil Retailer I paid upfront for another different set of Bottles and Labels packaging. As For the Bottles and Labels packaging – I make a small profit on this and sell it as a separate cost to the Oil Retailer. I had agreed with the Oil Retailer that they would be charged to his account over time whenever he placed an order for the Oil. Although I had paid for it up front – I am not the owner of the bottles and packaging – the Oil Retailer is. He just owes me the money for the packaging (which is gradually deducted when an order is placed).

Question 4:
Do I pay Zakaat on the raw products (bottle and labels) when I purchased them -even though the Oil Retailer has not paid me?

Question 5:
Do I indirectly own the bottles until the debt is paid?

Question 6:
IF there is any stock of bottles and labels left over at the end of the year – do i pay additional zakaat on these?

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Promise to waqf and retracting

Sheikh if a person has no wealth and he made a decision that if a he gets wealth he will gave all his wealth to waqf starting from the moments he gets to a certain person who is not a blood relative and their descendants forever but later changed his mind and he is afraid when he gets wealth Allah willing it becomes haraam for him what should you advise him to do kindly advise

Hanafi Fiqh

Extended Warranty

Salam. My question is in regards to extended warranties. I read a fatwa a while ago which stated that warranties bought at the time when purchasing a product are permissible.
Therefore, I agreed an extended warranty on my fridge/freezer for an indefinite period, ie I pay a monthly amount to Domestic and General.
However, as the product is getting older the monthly payment is increasing. Please advise if this is still permissible.
جزاك الله خيرًا

Hanafi Fiqh

Making divorce papers

Salam, if a man has a first wife in Pakistan and is looking to marry a second one in the UK. Is it ok to make divorce documents for the first wife without the intention of actual divorce. Just for visa purposes with second wife. Intention is to keep both wives. Both women are aware of eachother and the situation. JazakAllah

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Divorce: If you want you are free

Salaam I have a question regarding husband and wife they had a discussion about separate house and the wife said I prayed to Allah that give me a separate house with you or someone else then the husband said what do u mean if u want u are azad. The wife didn’t want divorce and after this the husband said I didn’t have intention of divorce I meant u have a choice you can go wherever you want to go or stay with me he also said if I was to give divorce I would have chosen the actual word for it.his wife is a very doubtful person and she asks him about his intention all the time and he says he didn’t have divorce intention. My question is that has divorce taken place or not

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Making sounds in prayer

In prayer i often end up making sounds that are not audible to anyone but myself and they only consists of a single letter and are not the type of sound one uses to communicate to other people with. Sometimes these sounds come completely randomly and unexpectedly but it happens multiple times during each prayer. Is the prayer valid.

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Alcohol in German Bread

I need to ask that in German bread one of the ingredients is alcohol (I don’t know it’s specifications), is it halal to eat it as lot of Muslim eat this bread on the pretext that alcohol is evaporated during baking making it halal to consume. Kindly guide

This question is raised by my daughter who lives in Berlin.

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I cant remember what i promised God

I made a promise to God to either stop/reduce daydreaming, or to stop maladaptive daydreaming(MD). MD is a distinct kind of daydreaming which is also a suspected to be a psychiatric disorder. It is not like normal daydreaming, and if i said i would stop MD i (believe?) I would not have intended normal daydreaming. I cant remember which of the 2, so i assumed MD. But is this promise valid? If it is, would i stop or reduce what i am meant to be stopping/reducing? Do i deal with MD or normal daydreaming?

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Job and the environment

I have been overthinking about this question So essentially I am a engineer who is working in the oil and gas and plastics industry. My job is to make sure that my unit is running correctly in the plant/refinery. So as you know the production of such products contributes to pollution and I was wondering is my job halal and moral from a islamic perspective.As you know many people just throw away plastic into the ocean and nature instead of properly disposing it. But the thing is everything unfortunately has a carbon foot print

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Transfer of Impurity

I didnt know that impurity could transfer from one article to another. quite often, i would get najasat ghaliza (urine, madhi, mani) on my bedsheet and it would dry, and then sometimes i’d sit on that spot with wet trousers. those same trousers, i would put those on with wet legs and walk on the carpet and sit on the sofa etc.

1) my question is how would i purify the carpet because i walked all over the house it would be quite difficult to change it. i would pour water over the carpet, but i fear that may cause the floorboards to get damaged. is it possible to use a carpet washer as such ( if no, what is the correct way to purify the carpets?

2) ive also touched a lot of things around the house with impure hands. walls with wallpaper, what would be the way to purify? is a wet cloth sufficient?

thank you very much for your help.