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Breaking vow

Assalamoalaikom. A man comits intercourse with his wife during her menses and does tawbah . To keep himself from committing this sin again the man vows by saying ‘By Allah I will NOT have intecourse during menstruation again and if I do I will pay £10000 in sadqah’.
This method works until once he was having intercourse with his wife thinking she is clean but later finds out she had just started her period. So he’s committed this sin by mistake without him knowing and unintentionally . Does he have to still pay the Sadaqah because of his vow ?

Hanafi Fiqh

Fasting and the pill

Slms. I am taking the pill and have supper the placebo deliberately so that I can keep all my of the side effects however of the pill is that spotting / breakthrough bleeding can be experienced while on the active pill . I am fasting , however I am experiencing slight spotting in between. Is I have not missed any active pills . It’s not like a full period. Is my fast valid? Do I continue fasting ? What’s the ruling ? Jzk

Hanafi Fiqh

Doubts in fast breaking

Selamun aleykum,

My fast continues to break due to stupid reasons. I follow Hanafi Fiqh and according to Hanafi Mafhab, even accidentally eating/drinking breaks my fast. This results in waswasa and hardship for me.

Either I see blood when I spit (due to torn lips because they get dry from fasting) or I find eating leftovers from suhur when spitting (no matter how much I brush my teeth and rinse my mouth thereafter) or I wake up and find salvia next to me and on my mouth and it is nearly unavoidable that I will swallow some of the salvia which already had seperated from my mouth when sleeping.

But what botheres me most is that already twice now when praying I suddenly felt sth. like a hair near my throat which I couldn’t remove (May have gotten there when showering). So since it drove me cracy and I didnt know what to do i just tried to swallow it in both cases. Would this be concidered intentionally eating and require kaffara (60 days fasting)? I mean, I didnt put it there but I intentionally tried to swallow it. But then again, what else should I have done? I really couldn’t remove it since I was in Salah and it was too far behind near my throat. Could I just disregard it as waswasa? Even though the feeling was quite strong and I don’t now what else it should have been if not a hair? And even if it wasn’t a hair, wouldn’t the intention to swallow this supposed hair be enough to break the fast and require kaffara?

All of this makes me depressed and takes away everything which should be beautiful about this Month. I really don’t want to do Qada of all these days and I couldn’t take having to fast 60 days in a row because of the hair incident which I described. I really try my best but can’t avoid things like this.

Please help me with this. May Allah reward you

Hanafi Fiqh

Constantly rinsing the mouth while fasting due to OCD

Salaamu Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

Prior to Ramadan I was having OCD about cleanliness and would find myself spending hours cleaning to ensure any najasah wouldn’t travel with me. With the start of Ramadan, it’s gotten into something far worse. I read on a Muslim website that licking your lips while fasting is permitted however licking them again while wet can break your fast, because the second lick would be bringing the saliva that’s left your mouth on the first lick back in, thus breaking your fast. So for the past 2 weeks I’ve been avoiding licking my lips at times and even constantly spitting so I don’t ensure I swallow anything as sometimes I ‘feel’ something in my mouth.

So this brings me to the question, as an alternative I rinse my mouth out with water. At times I feel the water go into the back of my throat, and get this ‘feeling’ like I swallowed it. Not entirely sure & the doubt kills me afterwards. Because I know water went back to my throat and I’m thinking the only way is down. So my question is, if I did happen to swallow it accidentally. Will this have broken my fast? Also I’ve done this atleast once every day (sometimes multiple times a day) with the intention of rinsing my mouth to ensure my fast continues. I did not have the goal nor intention at all to drink water during my fast.

Jazaku Allahu Khayran for all that you do. May all continue to bless and reward you. Ameen

Hanafi Fiqh

Delaying my period and duha

Salaam, as is ramadan and my period should be coming in the last 10 nights I made it certain to take Norethisterone pills to delay my period I ordered from online but the problem is some women while taking the pills might get small bleeding that isn’t related to your menses if that’s the case for me do I continue to fast or break it since I saw spots of bleeding but it isn’t my period?
second question there’s a hadith that mentions if you pray 12 rakat duha prayer a gold castle will be built for you is the hadith weak or strong?

Hanafi Fiqh

Fasting with Anaemia

My mother has Anaemia and she has very low levels of vitamin and iron and she is anaemic. She finds it hard to keep her fasts in Ramadan.
What is the fatwa regarding whether she needs to fast in Ramadan or not ?

Hanafi Fiqh

Kaffarah for masturbation accompanied by sex afterwards and intentionally not fasting to have sex.

If a person masturbate and ejaculate while he is fasting in ramadan and afterwards, during that very same day, he had sexual intercourse, is kaffarah wajib on him knowing that masturbation does not necessitate kaffarah but sex does?
Secondly, if a couple intentionally does not fast in Ramadan to have sex during that day, will there be any kaffarah? Or they will only have to make up for that day?

Hanafi Fiqh


I live in an area where the majority of mosques including the two mosques in my city have signed an agreement that they will follow astronomical Moon calculation method for moonsighting. They follow this for ramadan and eid. I personally prefer to follow the actual moonsighting method. But if I follow that then I will be in a small minority of people celebrating ramadan and eid on different dates than the rest.
The agreement by the mosques about astronomical calculations also says that even if you don’t agree with this, you should observe ramadan and eid with the rest of the community. Please advise. I have attached file.

Hanafi Fiqh

Intimate acts whilst fasting

I just recently found out that touching private parts of the spouse is forbidden in Ramadan and I just got married a month ago and wasn’t aware of this. Question: when a husband inserts finger in the vagina of his wife, is the fast of both broken and is expiation and makeup fasts for 60 days or just that day? If the private parts of both touch with discharge from vagina, is the is the fast of both broken and is expiation and makeup fasts for 60 days or just that day?