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My husband wants me to wear nail polish all the time. What should I do?

Women’s prayer

What are the six kalimas?

Where Can I Buy Jinn Rock?

Why Are There Differently-Worded Narrations To One Hadith?

Visiting Friends Who are not Particular about Zabihah Meat

I was in a lesson and we were watching a video which had nudity and sex e.t.c, so i put my head down and didn’t watch the video. As far as i know in islam it is forbiden. Is that true? The video wasn’t important. After the lesson I was told to stay behind and the tutor had a word with me, and I told him the reason, he said it was rubish, and that if it is true he wants evidence.

Using Albani Editions Of Hadith Works To Memorize Hadiths

Visiting and Sending Gifts to Sister Whose Child Was Born Out of Wedlock

Uncertainty With Marriage Proposal

The Reward For Good Husbands and Fathers

Tablets with Gelatin

I have a question concerning hijab when leaving the home in hostile places. I reside in the US, and where I live is a place ( US State) where there are a lot of fundamentalist Christians that hate Islam and Muslims. Most of the time, I have to go out alone because of the type of work my husband does, and I don’t have any Muslim relatives. I have been wrapping my scarf or wearing a hat and dressing modestly. I cover everything except my ears, face, and hands. I dress in a way that doesn’t traditionally point out the fact that I am Muslim. I don’t know if this is ok under my circumstances. I need some insight on this matter. Also, I cover this way with my husband. There are radical groups here that are capable of hurting whole families. We are unable to relocate, even if we move a couple states away we have the same problem. This section of the US, where we live, is known as very racist and the major states in which fundamentalist Christians reside. Moving further North or out West is economically impossible for us.

Son marries daughter-in-law: incest?

Supermarket Zabiha?

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