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Assalaamu ‘alaikum.

IslamQA.org is a repository of Islamic answers. We have collected over 93,950 Islamic Q&A from the official websites of various scholars and Islamic educational institutions around the world.

You can find answers to your questions from different school of thoughts (madaahib) from the Sunni scholarship. So far, we have collected around 87,000 answers from Hanafi Fiqh, around 5,700 answers from Shafi’i Fiqh, around 270 answers from Maliki Fiqh, and around 280 answers from the Hanbali fiqh.

We do not answer questions on our own. If you have any Islamic questions, please see our Ask Question page where we provide contact information of various scholars.

At IslamQA.org, we archive a copy of the answers we collect. This way even if the original site is no longer maintained, you can still find a record of the answer on our website. Since 2012, we have been able to preserve around 7,400 answers from various sites which are no longer functional.

We are not affiliated with any of the sites we have indexed. However, over the years, we have been in contact with many notable scholars, including Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam Al Kawthari from the UK, Mufti Faisal bin Abdul Hameed al-Mahmudi from Canada, Sheikh Jamir Dean Meah from Jordan, among others.

InshaAllaah we hope you find this website beneficial. Kindly forgive our shortcomings and keep us in your du’as.

Assalaaamu ‘alaikum.

IslamQA Admin