Hanafi Fiqh

Urinary problem and incontinence

A woman experiences a sort of urine incontinence problem. If she passes urine now, then after istinja and wudhu, there’ll be a feeling of heat in her private area and she will be sure that she discharged urine. If she takes a shower now and doesn’t use the toilet, she doesn’t experience this issue.
When she checked before by placing a tissue etc, then there was a wetness that emitted but it wasn’t urine when she smelt it. this leads to a doubt that sometimes perhaps this feeling of urine leaking, may not be urine leaking. How will she perform Salaah? sometimes, she feels as if she could possibly be a ma’dhura due to the fact that if she goes an entire day from the morning till esha salaah without using the toilet, her underwear may be stained and smelling of urine. But she is unaware when it emitted.
what should be done? This has caused a lot of inconvenience in her life. One mufti said this is waswasa, but i don’t think so