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The Permissibility of Subscribing in Staff Provident Funds is Based on the Investment Method


I work in a company and it has a staff provident fund where the latter income is based on a deduction of 4% from each employee's salary on a monthly basis; in return, the company pays 5% of the employee's salary and the amount saved for each one that is 9% of his salary. It is worth mentioning that the subscription in this fund is voluntary; thus, unsubscribed employee won't be paid the 5% percent by the company.

In the past few years, funds used to be managed through commodity investment which is based on Islamic Murabaha and the profits out of this investment were distributed at the end of each year to subscribers only. Lately, a new administrative committee was elected but it didn't abide by lawful financial transactions ;rather, it facilitated some transactions and loans that don't comply with Islamic Sharia, the question is:

Am I permitted to keep my subscription in this fund and benefit from my deposited basic capital which is 9% of the salary's value, as mentioned above, in addition to waiving and denying all of the other profits gained from an illegal investment? Or should I withdraw from the fund once and at all; and consequently, I will lose the (5% out of my salary value) which was paid by the company to subscribers. Although a lot of violations took place such as authorizing the purchaser to pay the value of the goods and at the same time taking delivery by himself without any interference by the fund.  

Shafi'i Fiqh

Circumvention to Get Fuel Subsidy is impermissible

What is the ruling on a person who applies to get fuel subsidy given by the government and meant for poor family whose income is less than ten thousands Jd per year, although the conditions of fuel subsidies don’t apply on him and he already have a job in which the party accountable for fuel subsidies unable to detect it?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Who is “The Miskeen” Entitled to Receive Zakah?

I`m in charge of the administrative and financial affairs of a certain company, so giving the Zakah due on that company and distributing part of it is entrusted to me. Since my job involves dealing with some of the public organizations, I have become acquainted with the living conditions of some of the employees there; particularly, those who receive low salaries that don`t cover their needs. Therefore, I give them from the Zakah funds for the sake`s of Allah, not in return for any favors because they aren`t decision makers. What is the ruling of Sharia on this matter?

Shafi'i Fiqh

It is Forbidden to Impose Usurious Fines on Taxes

I am required to pay 20.000 JDs to Income and Sales Tax Department, and was given the choice of paying in cash or in installments with (9%) as interest. In fact, I have this amount but paying it in cash will undermine my financial position since I have financial commitments to suppliers, in addition to salaries and utility bills. From an Islamic point of view, is it permissible to pay this amount in installments with interest?

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