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Playing Quran in background to memorize ??

Is it permissible to play audio tapes of quran all the time doing so that the kids in the house can memorize it? And also helps us avoid listening to songs and other laghwiyat. Note that sometimes we r busy doing something else while the quran is playing in the background but again it help us and the kids memorize the suras

Hanafi Fiqh

Can we jeans and shirt as a present to muslims?

Knowing that we cannot wear western style clothes which include jeans pants and shirts can we gift these to Muslims or non-Muslims? What are teacher’s rights on student when the teacher in madrasa insults students. She points out mistakes to make students work even harder but does it in a way that insults students. The student is not used to of this and thinks it is unfair and wrong of the teacher to have this type of behavior with the students. Is it ok to feel very upset about it and not want to be taught by this teacher? Also what should the student do and what should her behavior be like? What should she do and what shouldn’t she do which would be gunah? Please explain in detail about both sides: student and ustaad. 3. In Pakistan, if you are shopping and namaz time comes in the middle, can the women go to masjid and pray as there is no other place to pray. Most masjids don’t have separate place for women and bazaars open late, so namaz time comes in the middle. what should be done?

Hanafi Fiqh

Dua to bring peace amongst parents

Lately my parents have been arguing and fighting a lot. My dad mashallah is very religious and my mom is pretty religious too but it just seems as if there is no peace and love between them. Our family is not super religious but we try to be. I really would like to know what me as their child could do? Are there any duas I can read?

Hanafi Fiqh

Fatawa Rashidia – Hifzul Iman

My uncle gave a book called ZalZala and it says, “The Kufr in the three statements below are so apparent that even a lay-Muslim will have absolutely no doubts regarding their Kufr.” 1. Shaitaan has more knowledge than the Holy Prophet of Islam. This is proven from the Quran and Ahadith. No such proofs exist as regards the Prophet’s knowledge. If any Muslim believes to the contrary, he will became a Mushrik. (Barahin-e-Qatia, Page 51 by Khalil Ahmed Ambhetwi and endorsed by Rashid Ahmed Gangohi) 2. The knowledge of the Holy Prophet of Islam is equivalent to the knowledge of any ordinary person (i.e. Any Tom, Dick or Harry). It is also equal to the knowledge of a madmen, child or any four-legged animal. (Hifzul Iman Page 7 by Ashraf Ali Thanwi) 3. (a) Almighty Allah can speak lies. (b) Almighty Allah has already spoken a lie! (Fatawa Rashidia, Part I, Page 20. Taqdeesul Qadeer Page 79 by Rashid Ahmed Gangohi) please explain this.