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Doubts in fast breaking

Selamun aleykum,

My fast continues to break due to stupid reasons. I follow Hanafi Fiqh and according to Hanafi Mafhab, even accidentally eating/drinking breaks my fast. This results in waswasa and hardship for me.

Either I see blood when I spit (due to torn lips because they get dry from fasting) or I find eating leftovers from suhur when spitting (no matter how much I brush my teeth and rinse my mouth thereafter) or I wake up and find salvia next to me and on my mouth and it is nearly unavoidable that I will swallow some of the salvia which already had seperated from my mouth when sleeping.

But what botheres me most is that already twice now when praying I suddenly felt sth. like a hair near my throat which I couldn’t remove (May have gotten there when showering). So since it drove me cracy and I didnt know what to do i just tried to swallow it in both cases. Would this be concidered intentionally eating and require kaffara (60 days fasting)? I mean, I didnt put it there but I intentionally tried to swallow it. But then again, what else should I have done? I really couldn’t remove it since I was in Salah and it was too far behind near my throat. Could I just disregard it as waswasa? Even though the feeling was quite strong and I don’t now what else it should have been if not a hair? And even if it wasn’t a hair, wouldn’t the intention to swallow this supposed hair be enough to break the fast and require kaffara?

All of this makes me depressed and takes away everything which should be beautiful about this Month. I really don’t want to do Qada of all these days and I couldn’t take having to fast 60 days in a row because of the hair incident which I described. I really try my best but can’t avoid things like this.

Please help me with this. May Allah reward you

Hanafi Fiqh

Hirsutism and leg waxing

I suffer from hirsutism caused by polycystic ovaries which ñ means I have higher androgen levels in my body which manifests itself as manlike hairy ness particularly on my legs and upper thighs . I can not wax them myself as it is very painful for me and reduces me to tears,
I would not shave them for fear of becoming more hairy. Is it permissible for me to have my legs waxed by another female ? I am Married and I currently have them waxed by a female every 3 months so I only do it when it becomes really hairy that I need to remove it . I have found the hair growth has significantly reduced through waxing but it is still very dark and manlike in appearance and amount .
My husband did try to wax for me many years ago but we ended up with me getting very mad and angry at him and in pain and I wanted to lash out and hit him. When it is a stranger doing the waxing we can’t express the pain so it is controlled .
I hope you can clarify for me if I am allowed or not
This condition is very common amongst Indian women and signs are seen on the face with very black pitch black beard like hairs on the chin and upper lip.
Alhamdulillah on my face it isn’t so noticeable but it is on my legs

Hanafi Fiqh

Removing excessive hair growth as salon

I am not the type of woman who likes or is interested in getting all these cosmetic stuff. I really am not the woman who has little bit of hair & is like “oh no that needs to be removed”. I am naturally genuinely born with alot of hair on my legs specifically with no exaggeration. for many years i over looked it 2 years before i got married i started getting laser hair removal done – hoping itl reduce my leg hair as you must be aware the treatment is pretty expensive but then i stopped as i found out above the knee no matter what its a womans awra and must not be exposed in between the sessions we had to use razor which i noticed was growing my leg hair back thick! Which is something i definitely didnt want & i had to do it twice a week! thats how fast the hair growth was.. so i tried to wax myself & i noticed that because of the pain, the amount , length & thickness of the hair I was finding it really difficult to remove the hair myself above the knees it would make me really faint and light headed & it would take me ages.

So once/ twice in the year i would go to the salon to get my hair waxed. i would wait out for the hair to be grown alot where i would reason myself for me to go and get it waxed as there was a part of me stopping me after i found out about the awra masla – but i still couldnt come to terms with my condition as i felt my situation was different Recently i stopped as My husband is saying if its part of awra not to go anywhere until i ask someone knowledgeable and senior He has been very supportive & compromising all this time but through out i know he wants clearer legs when we spend time together he has asked me many times too even when i used to wait inbetween for the hair to be a good amount before i would go & get removed he has bought many things to help me but i cant remove the hair above my knees myself its just really painful & takes me over 2 hours – i have little children and its just not practical for me with work & children etc I have been to the doctors a few times regarding this too, but because of my pregnancies they have been telling me to wait a certain period where my hormones are balanced before they test my condition

Allow me to further explain what i have used over the years.

From the age of 19 up until now i have tried various methods
•Sand Mitten
•IPL home device

Razor was growing my hair back really quickly & growing thick.
In order to keep my legs clean i had to do them twice a week.
Subhanallah i just about have time to do whats fardh in terms of hair removal – let alone twice a week doing my legs. Its really inconvenient & causing me even more trouble by growing my hair back thick & fast

Sand mittens – didnt work

Professional Laser hair removal Treatment- very expensive, worked to some extent, but was told its not allowed as im exposing awrah so i stopped.

Salon Waxing – id go twice a year. Let my hair grow out alot so i wasnt exposing my awrah to someone too often.
Job was done within 1 hr whilst i bared the pain . This i have stopped until someone senior understands my situation and guides me.

Home Waxing – I cant wax my upper legs myself its very painful for me, i mean i cant pull the wax strip without feeling light headed.
Its not normal length of hair , its long & thick.. it takes me ages for that reason over 2 hrs, its painful & not practical for me i have young children

I would never agree for My husband to do it, he doesnt even look at my legs when i have hair there, let alone pulling them off for me.
He would strongly dislike that – id fear his disinterest towards me.

Epilating – this is very painful, my hair is long m thick – my hair tangling in the tweezers inside the epilator kills!! Again takes me over 2 hours cause im covering little areas at a time cause of the pain

Ipl home device – my husband has bought me this.
Theres 3 options there
Shave , epilate or wax before using the device.
I have explained my issues with shaving, epilating & waxing.
Which leaves me with Salon waxing.

In conclusion i have excessive hair growth on my legs, im hairier than my husband, its really painful & very time consuming for me to physically remove the hair myself in specific above my knees & all these years it has had a knock of effect on my confidence & self esteem infront of my husband

My intention is this , if i am given ijazah then id get waxed by the salon and after every treatment use the ipl device – which will start working to reduce my hair growth.
Which would eventually mean i no longer have to go to the salon to get the hair removed by someone to use the IpL device.

Id be able to hopefully Insha’allah remove the hair by waxing myself & use the IPl machine.

Even if im given ijazah to go to a salon to get them waxed to an extent until i am able to myself remove the hair
Using waxing & Ipl device hand in hand – i am willing to accept that.

I really hope you can understand me. Iv spent thousands of pounds until this day. If it wasnt much of a problem for me & i didnt care about the laws of Islam i wouldnt be reaching out for guidance – please understand this isnt a normal woman situation.

Hanafi Fiqh

Threading for mens

AssalamuAlykum WW.

I wanted to ask if removing the hair in between the two eyebrows, is permissible to remove for men?

Also is it permissible for men to thread the hair on their face, for example, the hair just above the beard in order to shape up their beard?

JazakAllah khair

Hanafi Fiqh

Lash lift

Assalamualikum wa rahmatullah I had a question asked regarding lash lifts…

“Essentially your perming the natural lashes so that they are curled and “opens the eyes”. No extra hair is added they last for a few months and gradually will return to their normal state”

Seeing as they’re the natural eyelashes and I believe wudu friendly would this be permissible?

Hanafi Fiqh

Hair smoothening/ straightening

Would it be permissible if one smoothens or straightens hair if it is meant for one’s husband and for having tidy hair. I have read that keratin treatment would be impermissible but what about other methods like we have oleo smoothening here.
JazakAllah khair

Hanafi Fiqh

Semi permanent makeup

Assalamu alaykoum
My question is:
is microneedling, babyglow, extension eye-lashes and candy lips permissible in Islam ? these are new beauty technologies way …. here are their definitions in details

*Microneedling* regenerating skin care with micro-needles. It is a minimally invasive treatment, which is effective in treating skin aging, and therefore slowing the effects of aging. It thus stimulates each layer of the skin and improves its quality.

*BB Glow* is a technique that aims to improve the appearance of the skin by injecting pigments into it

*Candy Lips* is a semi permanent makeup technique allowing you to have lips that are always well made up and colored. The principle consists in implanting mineral pigments with an electric dermograph in the lips which does not go deep but only in the first skin of the lip. (very light lipstick in a natural look duration 6 months)

*eyelash enhancement* the beautician begins by placing a silicone patch, adapted to the shape of the eyes, on the mobile eyelid, flush with the fringe of the eyelashes. After applying glue, she places the eyelashes one by one on the patch using tweezers. the duration is 3 to 4 weeks

Hanafi Fiqh

OCD and fasting

As salamu alaikum. Please note that I would like answers according to Hanafi fiqh because that is what I follow. I would also really appreciate if I was given a direct answer instead of being referred to answers because I believe this situation is unique and don’t think these exact questions have been asked even if maybe similar questions have been. It’s very important all points are answered, as best as you can. I’m trying to post this before Ramadan starts so perhaps this year can be much easier In sha Allah.

I should start off by saying I have Obessive compulsive disorder (OCD) concerning the deen. Nobody taught me the religion so I had to teach myself and I’ve found many different answers online that have confused me, so I tend to go the extremes and this becomes an obsession.

Concerning fasting:

1- Often when people speak, the tongue briefly touches the lip, so the lip becomes wet with saliva. Then when one continues talking, this wetness will naturally enter one’s mouth, does this invalidate the fast? Is one expected to spit out this wetness

2- When washing my face in wudu or while in the shower, I find it difficult to avoid water going into my mouth. According to hanafi fiqh I know that fast is broken if water enters throat even acidentally but I find it difficult to avoid this especially as I usually breathe with my mouth and find it difficult to use my nose to breathe. I was just wondering what is expected? I try to keep my lips closed as much as possible but find I end up spitting several times between each time I wash my face as well as drying my lips to avoid anything. I do feel like this is excessive but my mind doesn’t know what to make of the situation as what I’ve read is that any water can’t enter at all, so I just don’t know what to do. What should I do while I’m in the shower, water is constantly dripping onto my face and onto my lips? Please detail how this should be done

3 – During Ramadan, I tend to get cold sores on my lips. These leak transparent pus which is obviously impossible not to swallow. I end up putting a bandaid on the sore so that my lips don’t make contact with the pus when I speak, but I obviously can’t walk around like that when outside, so what should I do? I was also wondering if I have to make up the fasts in which I swallowed the pus? Sometimes these sores can pop up twice in Ramadan and can last for half the month. It becomes quite difficult and complicated to do wudu during this because I find that I can taste the pus and need to wash my mouth and spit out several times.

4 – When I spit, the spit often breaks up and some land on my lips. Am I required to wipe the spit on my lips or can I just swallow it?

5 – If I intentionally swallowed a raindrop of water, thinking this is ok and doesn’t break the fast, is my fast broken? If so, do I have to do kaffarah or just make up the day?

6 – When I go the barber, they will spray water on your hair, does inhaling this break the fast?

7 – What does one do when it rains? Water will inevitably land on one’s lips, especially when one is out without an umbrella and it suddenly starts to rain. Is one requires to carry a tissue with him to wipe whatever lands on one’s lips, or is this excused?

Appreciate answers, and remember that saying just ignore the OCD / doubt will not work for me, I just know it. These are real doubts caused by a confusion in the legal matters of the situation, meaning I don’t understand the rulings on these matters and need clarification.

Jazakum Allah khayr.