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Is taking a commission from suppliers allowed as long as the company doesn’t suffer a loss?

Can I accept commission from a property broker for selling the owner’s brother’s property? Can it be considered as Qarze-Hasana if failed to repay?

Is it permissible to watch recorded videos of female teachers, as part of an online course, during Islamic fasting?

Is giving a discount based on sales target permissible in a business?

Am I required to pay Zakat on a car that is owned by me, if I use it to deliver food?

Can you provide any Wazifa for my joblessness?

Registering one’s marriage necessary as per Shari’ah

What is the law of saying “Be free from my side, leave and take away” to one’s spouse and children according to Shari’ah?

What is the Islamic stance on taking loans from the government?

Can you perform tasbeeh of istighfar just by saying “استغفر اللہ واتوب الیہ”?

Is it proper to sever off the horns of an animal for Qurbani or shorten it for beauty, according to Shari’ah?

Is it allowed to use hemorrhoid ointment inside the anus while fasting?

What happens if someone walks on a carpet with toilet slippers or barefoot and their feet are wet?

Can I keep money found in my SIM card if I cannot find the owner?

Is it correct to perform Salat-ul-Tasbeeh with one person reciting loudly and others reciting softly? Is this valid salah?