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In our Mosque normally Imam saheb in Zoher pray start jamat without performing 4 rakat sunnat. . According to Shariat is it ok or not?

Here in Pakistan, there is a clause in Nikkah-Nama stating that whether the husband has delegated the Power of divorce to the wife

I have heard some scholars mention that al-Hakim and author of Tareekh Tabarri were Shias or with Shia tendencies?

I would like to know if nikkah was held in April 2007,The bride will only come & live with the groom 6-8 weeks later but they will be meeting & spending time together a week after nikkah.Can the walima be hel 6-8 weeks later

If exceptionnaly I have to pray dhuhr prayer very late at home, should I pray the 4 rakaa’t sunnah mu’akadah BEFORE or AFTER the fardh in my case where I am late because I thought fardh should be made first because of its importance? And generally, what is the limit where I can pray the 4 sunnat before farz?

Can you explain the term Khulafa Rashideen in detail which were said by our prophet(sas) to hold firmly was it only for the 4 rightly guided Khulfafa or it had some other meaning attached to it.Can you quote some hadith that 4 our the only Khulfa rashideen and after that the chain has stopped.

Your ruling says that praying behind a faasiq is highly offensive. It is better to pray behind someone who has a shariah beard and sunnah with the basic knowledge of Quran and Salaah, than, a hafiz or learned person of the quran who does not have a shariah beard. Some of these hadith I have received speaks contrary. Please explain.

I’m a 19 yr old girl and my biggest fear in life is that I’m going to end up not being married.

Is having a beard or wearing a topi dawwah, even if I do not verbally speak?

I was arguing fiercely with my wife on one occasion and under a great deal of stress…