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Looking at Girl for Marriage

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Q: Can a boy who wishes to marry a girl look at her even if he fears he will look with lust? A:Yes, he may look at her even if he fears he will look with lust. However, when looking he should make intention of fulfilment of sunnah and not fulfilment of lust. Original Source… read more »

Disowning Heir

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Q: We are 3 children. My eldest brother disowned my parents and gave them no financial support. My second brother provided for our parents, mum had passed on and 11 months later he was shot and killed. He had bought shares in my dad’s name. My late bother had told me on the night before… read more »

Blood Donation

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Q: Can Muslims donate/transfuse blood? A: It is permissible to donate and transfuse blood if: a) There is a desperate need to donate blood; b) There is no other alternative; and c) This has been prescribed by an expert medical practitioner. This permissibility is based on the principal of ?necessity relaxes prohibition?. (Al-Ashbaah) However, the… read more »

Extending Hair and Fake Eyelashes

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Q: My husband really likes long hair and I am experiencing severe hair loss (it could be hereditry as I have used many products and have done a blood test). At a hair salon they are fitting hair extentions which according to them is not from the root but attached to your existing hair underneath…. read more »

Burying Two People in One Grave

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Q: What is the shariah ruling with regard to burying a husband and wife in the same grave? Is this permissable or not? A:It is not permissible to bury any two people in one grave unless out of necessity. In this case there is no necessity. (Shaami vol 2 pg 233) Original Source Link

Trimming Pubic Hair

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Q: A person suffered from a rash around his private parts. He has now recovered but if he shaves his pubic hair, it irritates his skin and the rash could start again. Can he merely trim the pubic hair instead of shaving? A: Yes, he may trim his pubic hair. He should try to trim it as short… read more »

Organ and Tissue Donation

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Q: What is the Islamic position regarding organ and tissue donation? A: Regarding tissue donation it will be permissible when there is a genuine need. However organ donation is not permissible under any circumstance.Yes if one needs an organ to survive and an organ is available then one can use the organ. This e-mail address… read more »