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Can we work in gambling environment

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Is working in a gambling environment permissible but you yourself are not gambling I also want to know that there is a barelvi mosque where I live. I do not follow there actions but I would like to know whether the things that they do are they from any hadith. for example in one of their books I read that they kiss their hands because hazrat abu bakar(RA) did it. is it true Could you please provide me with some information on the life of syed attaullah shah bukahir rahmatullah alahi- please because I desperately trying to locate a book on him and i cant What is your opinion of Dr tahir ul qadri
To work in gambling environments is not permissible. To be in an environment that makes it difficult for a person to practice his religion or to worship is not a good idea. It also applies to have the group of people around who are misled or have wrong concepts. The person you mentioned needs to be clarified as to what kind of activities he is involved in.

Since, we don’t know him we would not be able to answer about him. The reference you gave about kissing the hands of abu bakar is also not clear from our point of view. Sometimes, some people attribute that kissing of one’s thumbs and applying them to their eyes when the name of the prophet peace be upon him is mentioned in the adhan. If you are referring to this incident, then according to one scholar, this is a fabricated story. There is no authenticity to this. We don’t have all the information or more details about shah ataullah bukhari r.a. But briefly, we can say that he was a great scholar and orator. He also has served his religion very well, he always supported the truth, he also sacrificed a lot during his time, and suffered many difficulties.

We cannot give our opinion about the contemporary scholars.
However, we can give an opinion about them based on their school of thought. So you have to tell us what school of thought, this personality belongs to.

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