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No Harm in having two Adhaans for Jumu`ah

As the people’s numbers in Madinah increased at the time of the Rightly Guided Caliph ‘Uthmaan ibn ‘Affaan (may Allah be pleased with him), he decided to add what is called the first adhaan. It is given to alert the people to the fact that this day is Friday, so that they may prepare themselves and hasten to the prayer before the regular Adhaan that is given after the sun has passed the meridian. After this Adhaan, the Imam ascends the pulpit (Minbar), and then the regular Adhaan is pronounced. However, nowadays it is the opposite. The first Adhaan is delivered as the regular Adhaan, and after a very short interval, another Adhaan is pronounced. If the latter is intended as the first Adhaan added by Caliph Uthmaan, then it contradicts the Sunnah. Could you clarify this?

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