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Taking Ahad Hadith as Evidence

We often hear some people talking about the Ahad Hadith and its binding force in Aqida (Islamic creed) and the Ahkam (commandments). However, they don`t take the Ahad as evidence in Aqida matters and this is contradictory because, for example, they confirm the issue of intercession although it is based on an Ahad Hadith. Could you kindly elaborate on this?

Shafi'i Fiqh

How do I know the Grade of a Hadith Via the Internet

How can I tell authentic Hadiths searched for through Google and other search engines? In fact, I have contacted the Iftaa` Department and they told me to search for the first segment of a Hadith via the internet and it will appear instantly along with its grade in terms of authenticity and weakness. However, when I did this, I found the Hadith but the grade wasn`t given. Could you kindly indicate the grade of the following Hadith: "The Messenger of God, May God`s prayer and peace be upon him and his family, said: "Gabriel came to me while I was praying behind the maqam, and when I finished praying, I called to God Almighty and said, "My beloved, teach me something for my nation. Gabriel said, "Whoever fasts the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth of every month, then they supplicate to God with this supplication…………..?

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