Hanafi Fiqh

Games and wasting time

What is the ruling on chess and games of dice like Ludo?

If it is prohibited simply because of the reason of waisting time then according to this reasoning most other games would also be prohibited. Many people when they play games simply want to relax for some time and have some Halal entertainment.

So then why is it that chess and such games are prohibited. And also, why shouldn’t we take into consideration ‘Umoom ul-Balwaa in this case? These games like chess, Ludo and video games etc. have become so widespread in the Ummah nowadays and some sort of game/entertainment is in most Muslim households. Wouldn’t the Shari’a become a bit less strict in this case?

As long as there is nothing Haram in the game like gambling (which some argue is the reason games like chess were prohibited) then why would they still be prohibitively disliked?

Jazakumullahu Khairan.

Hanafi Fiqh

Crypto Day Trade

Is cryptocurrency day trading halal or haraam?

As in crypto, you received and give money or crypto immediately. Just on the spot. The moment I clicked on buy, my money deducts and I get my desired crypto and vice-versa.

I know about short selling. Its haraam and I dont do it, rather I do spot trading i.e. buy or sell on the spot and takes its possession (By possession I mean I can sell it keep it or do anything with it without anyone enforcing like in short sell)

As we do it on Exchanges (like money exchanger) fot example binance etc , it gives us and takes money immediately. And now I can do anything with my coins, can sell it can give it to someone else can use it to buy anything. It means I have complete possession of it. I am telling all this so if I am wrong anyone please correct me.

So my question is . Can I day trade on this ? Like buy one crypto in the morning and after few hours I sell it if its worth increased or keep it if not.

As DR ZAKIR NAIK said buying STOCKS for short term like few dsys weeks etc is SPECULATION and GAMBLING

So is this Speculation too ????? Please guide.

Thank You. May Allah guide us and grant us all Jannat-ul-Firdaus without the Hisaab.

Hanafi Fiqh

Playing for a football/soccer team

In general, is it permissible to play for a soccer team if one tries his best to abide by the rules of the Shari’a like covering one’s ‘Awrah (by wearing leggings etc.)? Is there any risk of falling into gambling when playing for a club? By this I mean that the club might ask for fees to play for it and those fees might be used for prizes later on etc. So would it be permissible for people like myself (15 and almost 16 years old) to play for a soccer club?

Jazakumullahu Khairan.

Hanafi Fiqh

Is ‘free betting’ haram

I saw in my email a promotion where a gambling website was giving £20 gambling money completely free. I took it and put it on a random football fixture and it doubled so I withdrew it back into my bank account. Sir, could you instruct me if this money is haram or not as I took no risk so am unsure where it leans.

King Regards

Hanafi Fiqh

Is trading permissible if the haram parts are successfully avoided?

Assalamu Alaikum,

I urgently need advice on whether trading is permissible or not. I have already started cryptocurrency trading (however I haven’t taken out any money yet) and in the future I would like to pursue stocks and forex as well. However, I need to know that I am taking a 100% halal route. I’m really avid about trading and wanted to make this my future, so I want to be certain that it is halal.

Some scholars say that trading is haram due to certain haram elements, however they mention things that we can usually avoid. For example:

1. I will not under any circumstance be trading without using strategy and doing research and analysis. Therefore, I will actually be earning my money rather than just trading without thought, as this counts as gambling. So I am avoiding the ‘gambling element’.

2. The platform I currently use for cryptocurrency trading does not involve any interest, only a small fee when I deposit money. Even if there was interest, I would ensure that I donate all of this to charity.

3. I will research companies before I invest into their stocks or buy their cryptocurrencies, to make sure that the companies do not engage in haram activities. I have some websites and apps that I can use for this.

4. I will only start forex trading in the future if I have enough money inshallah that I will not need to use leverage, as this is essentially trading with money that I do not own.

5. For cryptocurrency trading, I will make sure to trade only with cryptocurrencies that actually have a future and will be used for real transactions.

In conclusion, I am confident that I can avoid all haram elements when trading, such as interest, gambling etc.

Please let me know if there are any other measures I have to take to make it a completely halal method of making money, or if there are certain types of trading I have to avoid eg. if I can trade stocks and crypto but not forex. Or, thirdly, if trading is haram in general even when interest and gambling is avoided.

JazakAllah Khair