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Ruling on Contests Via Mobile Phones

I own a housing corporation and I want to advertise apartments for sale by conducting a mobile phone contest in collaboration with a telecommunications company. Participants are required to send messages that cost more than usual. One prize is a car, but the grand prize is an apartment. Is this permissible?

Shafi'i Fiqh

A Form of Sale Practiced by some Car Traders

A small trader works with a big trader in car business. The latter deals with the former according to the following mechanism:
The small trader is given the right to sell a certain car within a period of one month in return for a thousand JDs given to the big trader as guarantee against any future loss resulting from this transaction. The small trader tries to sell that car within that period, and whatever profit he manages to make is his. If he makes no profit, he gets nothing, and when that car is sold for less than a thousand from its market price, he loses the thousand, which he had already paid. In addition, the big trader, so as to bear no loss, has the right to sell the car immediately in case its market price drops. If the month ends, the car is either sold for its market price, or the small trader pays another thousand to extend that deal for another month, and the car remains at the big trader`s dealership where he takes care of it in return for fifty JDs. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Taking Part in a Competition Depends on how it is Run

I have participated in a national competition by buying a copy of the questions against quarter a JD, which goes for supporting and rehabilitating the disabled persons. Having answered the questions correctly, my name was included in the prize drawing coupons. Fortunately, I was amongst the winners. Is it permissible that I take that prize, knowing that it is a donation made by sponsors and not from the price of the questions` copies?

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