1)I want to know the exact way of performing GHUSUL that is done to make body pure?

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1)I want to know the exact way of performing GHUSUL that is done to make body pure?
2)After how much time and how the hairs on private parts need to removed.What I have heard the hiars should be removed from below navel to the down side including complete private part.Kindly tell this keeping in view for both man and woman.
3)How should we proceed in making first time love with the sife.I mean that what is the recommended way to do first time sex with the wife and what are the things that should be kept in view to satisfy both desires.
4)Before child birth in which month the husbnad should stop penetrating his penis in wifes vagina and after child birth in which month the husbnad can start having sex with the wife?


1. Firstly, remove all impurities from the body. For instance, by washing the private parts. Thereafter, gargle the mouth thrice thoroughly and then pour water into the nostrils until the end of the slefhy part. Thereafter, make Wudhu as normal. Then pour water over the entire body thrice starting from the right. Rub the body to ensure that water reaches the entire body.

2. Remove pubic hair at least once a week preferably before Jumu’ah. However, it should not be left for more than 40 days. Yes, preferably from below the navel going all the way to the back if necessary. This will apply to both men and women.

3. She will obviously be extremely scared the first time round. You will have to be gentle, gentle and gentle. Do not rush into anything. Prolonged foreplay is highly recommended. What satisfies both, you will learn as you go along.

4. He may continue having intercourse throughout the pregnancy. However, it all depends on the individual woman to some women, intercourse is detrimental in pregnancy. Consult your doctor for further details. After pregnancy, he may start having intercourse with her afgter she completes her Nifaas.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

CHECKED & APPROVED: Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Fatwa Dept.)

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