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Shafi'i Fiqh

Ruling on Investing in Halls Used for Holding Parties and Wedding Receptions

What is the ruling on building a hall to be rented for holding different social events and wedding receptions? This is taking into consideration the fact that many violations of Sharia take place during these events; however, we will include a number of Sharia conditions upon signing the rent contract. Does doing so clear us from liability before Almighty Allah as we have no authority to ban any violations of Sharia?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Excused Person Going Early to Friday Prayer

I suffer from urinary incontinence and do Wudoo` for each prayer after its time begins. However, in order to attain the reward for Friday prayer(Salat Jumuah), I do Wudoo` and go to the Masjid before the time of prayer begins. Is this valid or should I wait for the Athan(Call to prayer), do Wudoo`, then go to the Masjid?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Giving Birth under the Supervision of a Male Doctor is only Permissible in Case of Pressing Need

My wife is pregnant and I have a government health insurance because I work for a public hospital. Muslim, Christian, male and female doctors work there as well, so I can`t choose who to treat her. Is it permissible that she gives birth under the supervision of the doctor on duty who could be male, female, Muslim or Christian? However, hospital policy stipulates that a female nurse be present with male doctor upon examining a female patient and this stipulation is adhered to.

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