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Hanafi Fiqh

Wetness around private parts

When performing istinjua after urinating I use water for washing (I use the Muslim Shower) I then dry myself with tissue. I suffer from extreme waswas and want to remove this. This can be done through knowledge. After drying I feel as if water is exiting the urethra or the vagina I do not know for certainty which. What is the ruling here? I do see water on undergarment garment or tissue. My research shows that any water that exits the urethra is impure ( even after washing) as it may contain nijasat- so how can we prevent water entering the urethra? Or is this research wrong? Even after drying I see Water droplets. I get up dry and wash again, get up dry and wash again to the point where I started getting an Infection. I can ignore this and just start wudu or my day to day routine, but is this correct. I think one of the sahaba suffered from this and was advised to sprinkle water on undergarment. My case is I know for sure water droplets come out after drying, so there is no doubt here, what can a female sister do?


Hanafi Fiqh

Can a father do intimate care on his disabled daughter, especially when she is a teenager and unable to speak. Has never had spoke language cannot say no, mamma or papa.

I am a practising Muslim, who has recently separated from her husband. The father sees his daughter, she is severely disabled and cannot speak. Has no awareness of danger, needs to be cared for 24/7. Goes to a specialist school where they are supervised to look after children like my daughter, with special needs and special care.

She is going through puberty and is fully developed. Her father wants to do intimate care, changing her underwear, clothes, showering and changing her nappy. He also wants to have her at night time, which will mean he has to sleep with her as she self harms in the genital area.

My Islamic belief and view is that, the same sex should do this and not the opposite sex. The Social Worker and carers are available to do this. I would appreciate if you could provide written evidence or resources to show that this is forbidden in Islam.

So my question is can a father do the following for his disabled daughter. Can he sleep with her on a night? Can he bath her? Can he shower her? Can he take her nappy off and change her?

Hanafi Fiqh

Urinary problem and incontinence

A woman experiences a sort of urine incontinence problem. If she passes urine now, then after istinja and wudhu, there’ll be a feeling of heat in her private area and she will be sure that she discharged urine. If she takes a shower now and doesn’t use the toilet, she doesn’t experience this issue.
When she checked before by placing a tissue etc, then there was a wetness that emitted but it wasn’t urine when she smelt it. this leads to a doubt that sometimes perhaps this feeling of urine leaking, may not be urine leaking. How will she perform Salaah? sometimes, she feels as if she could possibly be a ma’dhura due to the fact that if she goes an entire day from the morning till esha salaah without using the toilet, her underwear may be stained and smelling of urine. But she is unaware when it emitted.
what should be done? This has caused a lot of inconvenience in her life. One mufti said this is waswasa, but i don’t think so