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Please let me know what exactly “Makruh” is? Can we eat eggs, prawns etc.?

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We have been told that these things can be taken, but being “Makruh” taking this is not a sin. Makruh: That which is disliked or detestable. Makruh is of two types: makruh-e-tahrimi and makruh-e-tanzihi. Makruh-e-tahrimi is that which has been established by a proof that is not absolute. The one who rejects it is regarded as a faasiq (open sinner). A person who does something that falls under this category without any valid reason will be committing a sin and will deserve punishment. Makruh-e-tanzihi is that which if left out, will be worthy of reward and if carried out, will not entail any punishment. The above mentioned lines have been taken from this site. http://www.shariah.net/bahishti-zewar/ADHAAN.htm Plz tell us whether we should take things which are “Mukruh” or not.


To eat eggs is not Makrooh.

As regards Prawns, the Ulama have differences of opinion in regarding prawns
as fish or not. Therefore, to eat prawns will be permissible but to abstain
will be Taqwa (piety).

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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