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Shafi'i Fiqh

Should he Get Married despite Family Issues?

A young man wants to marry the daughter of his paternal uncle. However, there are family issues that originally resulted from a trivial misunderstanding. Although there is chemistry and harmony between the young man and woman, she is too scared to face her mother and family. Should the young woman`s family turn this young man down?

Hanafi Fiqh

Are men and women equal in reward

Hi, I am really interested in Islam and in being a muslim, however, I do have some questions if this is ok. Hello, I am really interest in Islam and there is so much peace in it. But There are few things confusing me. Why are men favoured with rewads?. For example, I am reading on Islamic websites that God favours men over women in paradise and he will reward them more, because he grants them a reward that is not granted to women which is having many beautiful spouses, but women only have one spouse and there is one an exlusive reward for men but no exclusive rewards to women. From this my understanding it that all rewards granted to women are granted to men, but not all rewards granted to men are given to women, or at least they are not rewarded as much as men for their worship. So for example, if a man and a woman both have 10000 deeds, lets say each gets the same number and quality of palace, garden, rivers, so in all of that they are equal, but the man will be given many wives (for example 10) and the women is given only one husband, so even though both have the same level of piety, the man got given more rewards than the woman by 9. Does the woman get compensate with more of another form or reward? Otherwise, who can it be justice that even though both have the same number of good deeds the man got more?

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