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Indiscernible vaginal discharge and intercourse

I’m newly married for about 2 months. My wife had a vaginal discharge before bedtime and she was uncertain of its colour and hence, was unsure if her menses has begun. We engaged in intimacy with no penetration. However, our private parts had skin-to-skin contact at the area between the navel and knees. Am I sinful for this? What is the expiation for my error?

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Hirsutism and leg waxing

I suffer from hirsutism caused by polycystic ovaries which ñ means I have higher androgen levels in my body which manifests itself as manlike hairy ness particularly on my legs and upper thighs . I can not wax them myself as it is very painful for me and reduces me to tears,
I would not shave them for fear of becoming more hairy. Is it permissible for me to have my legs waxed by another female ? I am Married and I currently have them waxed by a female every 3 months so I only do it when it becomes really hairy that I need to remove it . I have found the hair growth has significantly reduced through waxing but it is still very dark and manlike in appearance and amount .
My husband did try to wax for me many years ago but we ended up with me getting very mad and angry at him and in pain and I wanted to lash out and hit him. When it is a stranger doing the waxing we can’t express the pain so it is controlled .
I hope you can clarify for me if I am allowed or not
This condition is very common amongst Indian women and signs are seen on the face with very black pitch black beard like hairs on the chin and upper lip.
Alhamdulillah on my face it isn’t so noticeable but it is on my legs

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Holding Hands in Salah.

Assalamu alaikum , Can a person who follow Maliki fiqh hold hands (Qabd) in Salah ? Is it compulsory for a Maliki to not to fold hands in Salah (Sadl)? If it is allowed to fold hands (Qabd) in salah according to Maliki fiqh , then in which manner should I fold my...

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Philips lumea IPL(Hair removal long term)

Just want ask is it permissible to use electric devices to remove unwanted body hair via intense pulse light(IPL) like Philips lumea advanced Answer Wa’alaykum as Salām wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuhu, The removing of unwanted hair may be carried out using the various...

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Interaction With Non-Mahrams

Answered by: Maulana Muqtaur Rahman Question I am a stepmom to my husband’s children who are grown-up girls one is 25 and the other one is 17. Those children when they meet their cousin brother they behave with them very closely like hugging lying on laps and so on I...