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Is It permissible for one to work in a newsagent sweet shop

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I work in a newsagents and am wondering whether it is halal for me to continue. It is a very small shop in a chain of shops known as WHSMITHS (you probably know it) but it is not like the normal WHSMITHS it is like I said a very small newsagent like shop. My concern is the selling of mens magazines and newspapers such as the Star, Sun, FHM, Maxim which have lude pictures of men and women. There are only two people working at a time so I am involved in all transactions although the majority of sales comes from soft drinks and confectionary (ps there are no cigarettes or alchol or anything else haram as far as I know). Please can you advice me whether I should continue. The job is very important beacuse I am saving to get married by next June and having to leave the job will leave me in a worrying situation. I know I could get another job but I am supervisor here and am getting a lot of money which is why I can get married by next June, but of course if it is haram I will leave it inshaallah. Jazakallakhair. Salam.


If the major source of income of the sweet shop is from the sales of soft drinks and confectionary, then your salary will be Halaal.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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