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Finances of dementia relative

Assalamu alaikum. I got a reply to my question with a request to give further information.

My grandma has been diagnosed with dementia via doctors. She remembers a few things from the past not all. However she doesn’t remember or recall recent events. She gets confused with the days and months also. She needs reminding to take medication, what days to go for a bath, who certain people are etc.

Also by rent money I should have clarified. My grandparents house is in a line of businesses so the front of the house is a shop and is currently on rent. So by rent, I meant the rent that accumulates through the shop that is on rent. After my grandfather passed away he stipulated in his will that everything went to my grandmother.

Also from your answer I get the impression that permission from my grandma needs to be sought before spending on her behalf, does this apply to everything such as charity ventures, giving gifts to family etc? Can I not donate in charity or give gifts on her behalf with her money?

Also a last note, if it makes any difference, I do have a power of attorney in my name to act on behalf of my grandmother legally.

Hanafi Fiqh

Use of CCD in moonsighting


I am trying to find a ruling as to whether it is allowed or not to use a CCD (Charge Couple Device) for moonsighting. My understanding is that sighting the moon with naked-eye, binoculars and telescopes are all allowed however, I would like to know the specific ruling on the use of CCD’s in moonsighting. In simple terms, CCD is almost like an x-ray. The object cannot be seen by eye but a picture is taken to see the object. They are used mainly in the daylight when the moon cannot be seen by naked-eye, binoculars or telescopes.

Whilst the moonsighting issue is a different aspect, I would like to reiterate that my question is strictly related to the use of a CCD in moonsighting.

Jazakumullahu Khayra.

Hanafi Fiqh

Help with OCD

As Salaamu Alaykum, Dear Mufti Sahib, I agree that I have an OCD problem and I believe that is related to me fearing whether I have done kufr, I am trying to stay away from Waswasa. One thing is that at times when I am unsure and I really want clarification from people who know if I know not,

One thing today was that I was watching a podcast where non Muslim mentioned to Muslim that an artist urinated on picture cross or something like that and took a pic and mentioned a rude word.

I wasn’t watching the video but a thought came that I wonder if the Muslim laughed but I think I rejected this and I looked at the Muslim. I feared if I looked at the screen to see if he laughed or not, then I feared that did I think a Muslim would disrespect Prophet Isa and following from that, I had a thought about that you know Prophet Isa didn’t go on the cross so is your fear of the Muslim laughing indirectly
saying Prophet Isa was on the cross but I think what I feared was that this artist called his pic, that being a rude word followed by the word Christ.

I have not read The Shahaadah in the sense of believing I have committed kufr but I wanted to ask what should I do in these situations where I am not sure? What would you say about this scenario?

My fear about seeing a therapist is that what I fear is falling into disbelief and I think the people to ask about that are the Scholars and a non Muslim/non Scholar therapist won’t be as qualified as a Scholar. I don’t really fully know of how to go about trying to find someone local to speak about all my fears and these scenarios so I resort to Q&A’s. Most of my teachers if not all at the moment are not actually local. Please advise me Mufti Sahib.

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