Hanafi Fiqh

Finances of dementia relative

Assalamu alaikum. I got a reply to my question with a request to give further information.

My grandma has been diagnosed with dementia via doctors. She remembers a few things from the past not all. However she doesn’t remember or recall recent events. She gets confused with the days and months also. She needs reminding to take medication, what days to go for a bath, who certain people are etc.

Also by rent money I should have clarified. My grandparents house is in a line of businesses so the front of the house is a shop and is currently on rent. So by rent, I meant the rent that accumulates through the shop that is on rent. After my grandfather passed away he stipulated in his will that everything went to my grandmother.

Also from your answer I get the impression that permission from my grandma needs to be sought before spending on her behalf, does this apply to everything such as charity ventures, giving gifts to family etc? Can I not donate in charity or give gifts on her behalf with her money?

Also a last note, if it makes any difference, I do have a power of attorney in my name to act on behalf of my grandmother legally.

Hanafi Fiqh

Using samples and tasters

As Salaamu Alaykum, quite some years ago I remember going to a local Islamic shop that would sell itrs and sprays and they would have testers and I have it in my head that my friend and I would use the testers but I don’t think I had an intention to buy them, I was just using it for myself, I think I would have done this more than once, that shop has closed now but it was connected to a Madrassa and I don’t know if the owners were teachers or their affiliation to the Madrassa. Secondly I remember doing this at store in the local town with perfume where I didn’t intend to buy it but to smell nice, I’m not sure if it happened more than once. In this two cases would I owe anything to each shop and what should I do if one or both have closed, the latter being a non Muslim store.