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Poultry Farmers Follow a Certain Customary Practice when Calculating Poultry Weights

In accordance with the normally accepted commercial practice, there are two types of plastic live chicken transport boxes: (7 kg) and (8kg). Recently, two new boxes have been imported into the market and they weigh (6kg) and (7,200kg). However, traders deal with the latter boxes as the former. This caused loss to poultry farmers and breeders, in addition to fraud (tampering with the weighing scales), which is forbidden in Sharia. Because of this disparity, the marketer managed to make a great deal of profit. What is the ruling of Sharia on this knowing that the farmers take out one kilo from the weight of every basket against chicken runoff?

Shafi'i Fiqh

If a Defect was Found in a Commodity, the Purchaser has the Right to Terminate the Sale Contract

I bought a mobile phone from a certain shop after the seller had convinced me with its advanced features. Later on, I found out that it didn`t have the features he had told me about. Thus, I went back to the shop and asked him to return my money, but he refused and claimed that he had spent it, and that I should have returned the phone sooner. He also told me that he didn`t know that the phone was defective. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Should she Claim Diya because a Shop`s Billboard Fell on her Leading to her Paralysis?

Question: I`m a 28-year-old married woman and have two children. Two years ago, I went shopping with my husband. As we were coming out of one of the shops, a billboard fell on me breaking my spine and wounding my head. I was rushed to the hospital and after being examined, the doctors said that I was paralyzed for I couldn`t move my legs nor feel them. My family filed charges against the shop owner to obtain compensation, however, my conscience isn`t clear about this. Am I entitled to compensation from that owner although he isn`t the direct cause of the accident as it was an act of God? Assuming that I have the right to claim compensation, how much should it be and is it lawful or not? I need to know the exact amount for my case according to Sharia? Finally, could you invoke Allah to bless me with recovery for the sake of my children?

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