I Purchase a MotorCycle on Cash, it’s price is Rs.50,000 and if i purchase the same motorcycle on instalment, it’s price is Rs.60,000 in one both ways of purchasing permissible?

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Pl give me answer with reference to Quran o Hadith. If i Purchase a Motor Cycle on Cash it’s price is Rs. 50,000. and if i purchase the same motor cycle on instalment bases it’s price is Rs. 60,000 in one year i.e Rs. 5,000 per month instalment. pl anwser that both way of purchasing is as per islamic point of view? Question No. 2 I am working in a company which provide us medical facility in the following manner. Suppose i go to doctor get’s his bill and bills for tests and medicines and pay in my pocket. Than i apply these expenses by the company, The company does not pay by herself it’s hired a insurance company. The concerned staff of company sent these bills to that insurance company and that insurance company inquire by herself and than send a cheque with the name of concerned person and than our company deposited these cheques in our bank accounts. Pl. tell me this process is allowed by islam or not?


1. Kindly refer below our standard reply to similar queries

2. The offer of medical services from the company to you falls in the category of Tabarru (gesture). It is permissible for you to use this service.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q: There is a cash price and credit price for an item. The credit price is more. Is this permissible?
A: If the credit price is fixed it will be regarded as the full amount, the cash price would be a discount provided that one price is fixed at the time of the transaction, the sale will be valid.

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