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Ssing haram money to pay off debts


Can I use haram money to pay off my dads debts? I live with my dad in his home and contribute to the household. My dad is retired and will probably not make enough money to pay off his debts unless he sells our home. I have on occasion paid small amounts to his creditors. My question is can I use haram money from various sources which have unintentionally accumulated (some money from a bank as incentive to join, some from haram stocks, some from dodgy crytpo, some from my salary for hours I dont think I worked) to pay off some of his debts.


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Zakaat on salary overpayment

I normally pay zakaat on 1st Ramadan. Last year, due to employer payroll error I got £5000 overpaid in salary at that time (1st Ramadan). This overpayment was corrected in 2/3 months by HR and I returned the amount. For calculation of Zakaat, as I had those overpaid £5000 in my possession although I returned these later, I want to ask will it be considered in calculation of Zakaat?

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Zakaat on plots bought with intention of construction house and rental property

I have two questions regarding zakaat on property and retirement saving
1- I bought two plots. First, with an intention of constructing rental property in future. Second, with an intention of selling it after 5/6 years and use the proceeds of the sale to buy a smaller plot for constructing family house and use remaining part of the proceeds for construction on the plot. Proceeds of sale wouldn’t be used for anything besides constructing family house. Wanted to know if I need to pay zakaat on both the properties? If yes, would I need to pay zakat every year or year by year once I receive the sale proceeds or would it be just once (for one year) after receiving the sale proceeds

2- We have retirement saving scheme in Australia called “Superannuation” where a percentage of regular income is deducted and contributed to the fund. One can only access to it upon retirement. Wanted to know if I need to pay zakat on it every year or only when I receive the funds on retirement (year by year or just for an year)

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Long term workplace investment/pension

Assalamualaykum I have a investment scheme at my workplace which goes with my pension scheme called brass. Every month they take money from my salary and invest in various bonds stocks and shares. My question is would it be permissable for me to join this scheme. I have attached a copy of files which they show how they investment the money. Also if I was to request I want a more ethical investment which coincide with my religion can you advise me what kind of investment is impermissible according to shariah.
I do not want my money to be invested in haraam investment hence why I want to be sure before I join that I am not going to be getting haraam money.

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Life endowment insurance

Assalamu aleykum wa rahmetullahi wa beraketuhu.
The question is: let’s consider a person has a monthly gross salary of 1000 USD, and after deducting all mandatory government payments, he receives a monthly net salary of 750 USD. Now the government adopted a decree that allows a person to sign a life endowment contract with an insurance company that means a person agrees that every month 50% of his monthly gross salary (500 usd) will be transfered to the account of that insurance for the period of 36 months and only after 36 months is over, the insurance company pays back the total amount of the money collected in the account to that person (500 x 36 =18000 Usd). But the person cannot use that money for 36 months and during this period what the insurance company is doing with that money we do not know, Allahu Aleem. In addition, the insurance company pays additional 2% of the total amount at the end of 36 month period as a bonus (18000 + 2% = 18360.) but the person may refuse to take that 2% bonus if he does not want it, most people do not take that bonus becuase it is riba thus haram. If a person decides to stop the insurance contract before 36 months period end, let’s say a person paid 50% of his gross salary to the insurance company for 28 months then he wants to stop it) then all the government mandatory payment is deducted and the rest of the amount is given back to the person.
Is this type of insurance halal or haram from Shariah perspective?
Wassalamu aleykum.

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Is cash/gold received ON the zakat calculation date included in the calculation?

If my zakat calculation date is on the 1st of Ramadan. And on the 1st of Ramadan, someone gives me cash, or gold, or I get paid my salary on the date (say it gets deposited into my account in the afternoon of 1st of Ramadan), will I need to include this amount of cash/gold in my Zakat Calculation ?

Or do I only include only that cash/gold/silver which I own on the day BEFORE my calculation date in my calculation (what I own before maghrib of previous day enters).

Please guide me.

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Delivery of Non Ḥalāl Items

Answered by Shaykh Mazhar Mahmood Question: My husband works in a company, which requires him to deliver ḥaram meat, namely pork to shopkeepers. I fear that his income is from a ḥaram source and due to this we are greatly losing out on blessings. What is...

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401 K or retirement plan?

Asalamoalikum Hazrat, Mujhy ya pata krna tha k retirement plans main invest kr sakty hain ya nahi? Is main is tra hota he k main apni salary ka kuch hissa is fund main dalta hon (misal k tor per 500) and mera employer kuch percentage dalta he (misal k tor par 6% of...

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Using Lab fund, Is it Halal or Haram?

Assalam O Alikum Mohtram. I am a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering in Korea. Basically I am from Pakistan. I am facing one serious problem here. When I was being hired for studentship, one of the senior student from my lab told me my salary. (Prof. did not told me...