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The first four aayats of Surah Waqiah

What should be done if the first rakaat is missed with Jamaat?

Is Witr Salaat valid if we forget reading Dua-E-Qunoot?

Agar zuhr ki sunnaton mein Sajda sahu wajib hogaya, aur faraiz ada karne ke baad yaad aya ke ye Sajda nahi kiya, phir kya kiya jaaye?

If we miss salat while in travel and when we reach out home do we have to pray kasr (2 rakat) or do we have to pray whole rakat. For eg. If we miss zohar salat in traveling, and we reach home do we have to pray 4 rakt or 2 rakat kasr. Second question is if we are praying 3 or 4 rakat farj or sunnat and if we forget to sit in attahiyat and pray 3rd rakat without sitting, do we have to make sajdae-e-suhud. Is it permissible for women to shape eyebrow hair if eyebrow hair has grown that is it not looking good to husband.

I have read that we should recite the following. Dua when sitting between the 2 Sajdas:’Allahummagh Firli war Humni waj Burni war Fahni Wahdini wa Afeeni war Zukhni”. Is this ok, if so, please explain the meaning. Also, are we required to say, “Hamdan Kaseeran Tayyiban Mubarkan Feeh” after “Rabbana wa lakal Hamd” after standing up from Ruku?

Did I do sajdah while I listen the audio cassette and sajdah ayat comes ?

Hanafi and Maliki fiqh of doing sajda


Is there ahadees available where-in Rafa e Yadain is not mentioned?

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Walking in front of a person who is performing Namaz

What is the ruling on Sajda e Shukr? – سجدہ شکر?

What should a praying person who doubts having offered one, or two prostrations in the third Rakah(unit of prayer) do?

Is it Allowed to Use the Hand During the Prayer to Determine if One’s ‘Awra is Exposed?