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do women has to cover feet, hands & head in salaat

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I have heard that namaz becomes void if women don’t cover their feet including hands & head . I cover my head & hands till the wrist area while praying namaz. How do you perform sajda suhu? Can a women cut her hair only to show her husband ?
In the prayer a woman can keep her face and hands open. There is a dispute in her feet. Some scholars say that the feet are excluded from concealment, some say the top part should be hidden such that if one goes in sajdah and the bottom part shows then that is excusable. The head should be hidden for sure. The way to do sajda-shaw is one should do two sajdah in the last sitting of the prayer after reading tashahhud. After that one should do salam on both sides. So, in conclusion it consists of three things:
1.)Two sajdah
2.)The sitting
It’s not right to shorten the hair. However, if it’s disheveled or are not on the same level then one can just cut the corners to groom it

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