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The first four aayats of Surah Waqiah

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Could you please recite the first four Ayats of surah waqiah for me with proper tajweed like the way it is supposed to be recited, because I think I mispronounce the “ain” and “qaaf” kalimahs when I read it. Also, if you read surah Mulk and surah Sajdah does this save you from having torment in your grave? If so, are you supposed to read Surah Mulk with Haameem Sajdah or Surah Sajdah?

The first four aayats of Surah Waqiah
The first of four versus of Sura Waqiya are (as mentioned in the audio version of the answer). With respect to the versus that protect you from the punishment of the grave that is from Sura Mulk and Sajda which ought to be recited everyday.

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