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Juma khutba in English/Arabic ? Dawaa work in non-Muslims

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I had a question about Juma prayers. I study in a college here in Chicago and follow the principles of Islam according to the Hanafi Method. In my college, there is an MSA (Muslim Student Association) and it asks me to be a part of it (e.g be a treasurer or some other position in the organization) 1.Should I do that? 2. There is an English Juma(khutba in english) on the campus, should I attend the English one or the one in a masjid 15 min away where the khutba is in arabic? Are their any correct ‘daleel ‘ (the word the salaf brothers use) for not having English Khutbas? 3. The MSA also holds dawab table biweekly in which flyers are passed out to the non-Muslims. Is this right? They say that we all are responsible for dawah. I agree with that but is this the right way? What should I do? Should I also help in distributing these flyers?
If you will get any position in that organization then you can take it. Whatever is correct you should say it and follow it. If they can listen then it’s good otherwise you should resign. You should pray jumua where the khutba is done in Arabic because according to our knowledge it can’t be done in English. Inviting non Muslims is a religious obligation on us. We don’t know the details of their method and procedure. If we know the details we can issue a ruling as well. What we mean by details is that they should know the prerequisite of doing dawa. They should do it under the auspices of a scholar who can guide them as to how and what they should present. Also, they should adhere to Islamic laws with regards to whom and how they meet people.

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