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I live in Chicago but make Juma salaat in a masjid in Schaumburg due to my job. They have different Imams come in and lead the salaat every week that I go. One of the Imams gives the Khutba in English. Please give your take on the validity of the Juma salaat in this case.

I had my nikah done about 2 months ago. But I am not sure if it was done right according to Islam. I live in Toronto Canada and my wife lives in Pakistan. I appointed someone to represent me in Pakistan and that individual signed the nikahnama for me. I also sent a written proposal for nikah to my representative as well before the nikah. On the day of nikah I called in and Qazi asked me if I accept the wife. I agreed and we had a khutba. Is it valid from Islamic point of view or do I Need to do nikah again once my wife comes over to Canada. Please advise.

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