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Are Salafi dividing ummah or praising themself ?

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I have come to know a person who follows the Salafi da’wah and I have read a book about this movement. I’m really confused and head some questions. Is Salafi da’wah correct and that those who follow it have the sound ‘aqeedah belief’ How correct is it from an Islamic point of view to use the word “Salafi” and to describe oneself in this way? If a person says that he is a Salafi, is he praising himself? Is this considered to be dividing the ummah?
If someone calls himself salafi and then denounces the authority of the four scholars or others then he is contributing in dividing the Ummah. There is a group of salafi amongst hanbli and maliki who are not as extreme and support taqleed. These people are fine. Otherwise, a correct belief is that which is mentioned in quran and Hadith not just contradicting someone. People of the right path endorse all four imams and the different chains of tasawwuf. The belief system of these people is most correct. Fundamentally in dealings, whatever school of thought propagates tauheed and tabligh then they should be followed. People spread the ideologies of their school of thought like salafi people. According to our research these people are not right.

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