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Is it valid to perform Qurbani with only five people participating, or does it require seven participants?

Can a man who declared someone as his sister marry her?

Is it halal to participate in Pakistan’s “Kamyab Jawan Program”?

What ruling applies for drinking water if roaches fall in it? Can this water be used for drinking?

Can a university student take Bai’at from a sheikh without parental permission?

Is Zakat or ‘Ushr due on income from a tube well in exchange for water and a portion of cultivation?

What should an elderly person do who is unable to perform their regular routine of 50 Nafl Salah?

Is the presence of Jinns in a house causing multiple sudden deaths true and what is the solution to this issue?

When renting a piece of land, do I only deduct the rent when paying ‘Ushr?

Is it okay for someone who has repented for past sins to go for Hajj, according to Quran and Hadith?

Can Zuhr and Asr be prayed together, and Maghrib and Isha be prayed together? What is the ruling?

Is it mandatory to wear a suit and tie as an Islamic lecturer in a semi-governmental institute?

Is selling synthetic hair wigs and extensions allowed in Islam?

Can a man have a second wife in Sweden without divorcing his first wife in both paper and Islam?

Is buying smuggled electronics Haram?