Hanafi Fiqh

Will Zakat and/or Qurbani be Wajib for having the following properties?


I’m from Bangladesh. I’d like to know if my wife would be considered as a ‘Sahebe Nisab’. She has had the following properties for the mentioned time period.

1. About 3 vori gold for 2 years (BDT 1,80,000)
2. A couple of diamond ornaments for 2 years (BDT 20,000)
3. Some saved money for 3-4 months (BDT 5,000)

So it would be a total of BDT 2,05,000 (approximately). She has nothing else. Will she have to pay zakat and/or make Qurbani? Please note that the price of

1. 7 vori gold is about BDT 4,22,000
2. 52.5 tola silver is about BDT 45,000
3. The figures are approximate, not exact.

Jazaak Allahu khair. Ma’as Salaam