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Is it proper to sever off the horns of an animal for Qurbani or shorten it for beauty, according to Shari’ah?

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Source of Hadees warning those who don’t do Qurbani not to approach Eid Salath place?

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Is it allowed to do qurbani of a bull that is 1 year 4 months old and weighs 550 pounds?

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Is qurbani on 10th Zilhajj compulsory for everyone or just pilgrims?

Can the Skin of the slaughtered animal be sold?

What should someone do if the animal for Qurbani gets lost, dies, or is wounded and they are unable to buy another one?

What do Ulemas say about the Qurbani of a person with the belief in Shirk?

Fatwa on Qurbani, if a father gives on behalf of the family, is it enough or should each individual give?