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What is the Shar’i ruling on animals fed with hormone injections?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria
Assalamu Alaikum In page no 440 and 441 of the book “Doctor Zakir Naik Ke Faisla Kun Manazrey” of Doctor Zakir Naik it is said that the animals which are fed by hormone injections are Haram and not Halal even if the slaughtering is done cording to the Islamic method due to the possibility that meat be made in exess. (scanned copies of the pages are attached)
Q. 1 What is the Shar’i ruling with regard to what Doctor Zakir has mentioned?
Q. 2 If what Doctor Zakir says is correct then is the Qurbani or a normal slaughtering of an ordinary man Halal or Haram when he
purchases the animal from the market and neither he knows nor he was informed whether or not the animal was fed with hormone injections?
Awaiting reply

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Let it be known that just having birth of an animal through injections or having impacts of injections in the growth of the animal does not obligate the impermissible, rather such animals are if species of cow, buffalo, goat, lamb etc., it is permissible beyond doubt to consume their meat subject to the fact that no stink is emitted from the meat due to the effect of injections or intake of feed by the animal. Or else, it can also be slaughtered after being fed pure and clean feed for at least for 3 days.
And if the animal is from different species, Shar’i ruling of same could be explained after furnishing the complete details, whereas the declaration, without any analysis of such animals as unconditionally Haram by the referred Dr. Sahib is based on ignorance of Shar’i knowledge. It is necessary and essential for him to have a complete research before explaining Shar’i rulings.

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