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What is the ruling for a person who missed a rakaat in Salah with an imam and then did the salaam, realizing their mistake later?

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How does one perform tauba and istighfar namaaz. How many rakaats, sunnah or nafl and is there specific duas for these salaah. (Canada)

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I have been approached for marriage by a brother. I have known him for a very long time through a mutual business relation. I had refused at first but now I am reconsidering. What is the proper was of performing namaaz ishtikarah to see if I should accept. Are there any other duas or namaz that I can pray for guidance in doing the right thing.

We are planning to go for umrah soon inshallah for 3 weeks. Should we go to Madinah first or Makkah?

Can we pray salaat after 10 days of having baby (period stoped)