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I am learning to read my 5 times salah but as yet i do not know all my surahs off by heart but i knw all my duas…

1) Do you have to have wudu when handling a digital quran?…Can a Maazur be imam and lead namaaz?

I have performed umrah a couple of months ago….and one mistake which i did in the state of ihraam was…i missed a farz namaaz

Please describe me the mas’ ala regarding the namaaz of a patient to whose body a urinary bag has been connected. I

Ref. fatwa ID 16117 Is it ok to engage in dua when the imam is delivering the khutbah (on the pulpit) or it should be done only when he sits in the pulpit inbetween in khutbah?

I am 4 and a half months pregnant. Sometimes when I stand up or move I feel as if a few drops of urine is leaking out. Does this require me to make ghusl or is whudu sufficient?

I saw a brown spot on Saturday 13/10/2007 and then nothing till Thursday 18/10/2007 when I started bleeding. I was supposed to have my ghusl by Tuesday 23/10/2007 but bled till Thursday 25/10/2007.

I wish to know the correct timings for fajr namaaz. Because I have got few contradictionary answers. One says from dawn til sunrise and the other says dawn till sunrise and after sunrise till the time of Zuhar. Please advice which one of them is correct.

I have a unconsciuos habit of clicking my tongue when I make a mistake when making a mistake while reading taraweeh. I correct my mistake or am corrected by one of the hafiz behind me. Because of the mistake on my part regarding the sound of my tongue , is the namaaz broken. Therefore do I have to perform the two rakaats over ?

How do i perfrom namaaz istaghfar?

In sajda after reading three times tasbeeh ,can I recite any Quranic dua or Ayats in Quran

We are living in Saudi Arabia, and followers of Hanafi Madhab. When we are traveling to other cities or even in the same city, we have to pray Namaaz in road side Masjid, should women pray behind the Imaam or they should pray separately?

I occasionally drink or try the mild drug like marijuanna….I will continue to pray and ask forgivness and assistance in stopping but is it true that for 40days I am not a muslim at all and what i do mean nothing?