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Black Magic, Bad Duas, and Marriage

Answered as per Shafi'i Fiqh by Qibla.com

Answered by Ustadha Zaynab Ansari, SunniPath Academy Teacher

i had a friend who was involved in certain things i never believed like going to some lady for taweez and when she would come from that lady she will burn them in a particular manner i was even hiding this from my parents as she was staying at my home and did burnt some of them at my home after my parents going to sleep.she was in love with some guy who didn’t had any relations with her once when i told her that she is being stupid she got upset and yelled at me and said i was jealous from her boy friend whom i never even saw ever …we end up on these basis ..well after six months when i got married i once chatted with her and told her about my supply in medicine which she answered that “you deserved this and even worst and its the start you will see you will never be happy’i was like OK as i was least pushed and i believed in my ALLAH i took it very easy ,but now after 3 years i again received an e mail from her in which she had a bad dua may be its just a coincidence but the moment i got my step 1 usmle result in which i failed i recievd her 2 consecuctive mails that was kind of scary for me …after i got married so far i dont have child doc told me i have severe endometriosis which is rare at my age …and i am into bad things like masturbation . i do pray quite regularly though but soon after i t i feel the urge and me and my husband are so far in financial crisis whatever we want to do get ruined i still dont blame anything but my luck but yesterday i was talking to a friend and she told me that i can check about whats going on as there are educated scholars on this site so am putting everything in front of you to tell me whats this all about i am just worried about all the potentials she had and she was a really selfish girl and she cursed me so i am scared she used to bring some taweez for her mother which she was burning when she was at my home i am just scared and would like to know what she was doing and what affects it can cause and is my current situation related to anything with her intentions what should i do…waiting for your advice

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

Dear Sister,

I pray this message finds you in better health and iman.

Unfortunately, black magic is very real and it sounds as if this person may have tried to perform some type of magic against you.

Alhamdulillah, there are ways to deal with this sort of thing. The best thing you can do is seek Allah’s protection from shaitan.

Ask Allah’s forgiveness for your sins. Recite the Qur’an often, especially the powerful Refuging Verses in the last two surahs. And be constant in your remembrance of Allah.

Please refer to Shaykh Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari’s article, “Protection from Black Magic.”

If this person is still harassing you, why don’t you block her email address? Don’t let her think that she has any control over your life, because she really doesn’t. She can make all the bad duas she wants; only Allah Most High is in control of your affairs. Ask Allah to give you the best of this world and the best of the hereafter and to save you from the punishment of the fire.

It really sounds like you’re dealing with some jealousy issues here. If that’s the case, seek refuge in Allah from this person’s envy and move on with your life.

Don’t think for a moment that your endometriosis is related to this person’s actions. Many women suffer from endometriosis, but alhamdulillah, there are ways to cope with this condition and lead a fulfilling life.

For more information on endometriosis, please visit www.endometriosis.org.

Finally, you mentioned a problem with masturbation. Since you are married, you definitely want to look into this issue. Masturbation is harmful, especially in a marriage, because it is the husband’s duty to satisfy his wife, and vice versa. If you feel that you are not being sexually satisfied, then you need to discuss this with your husband in an open, loving manner. Resorting to masturbation will only cause you more frustration in the long run.

Last but not least, please try to consult a local scholar for more assistance.

And Allah knows best.

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