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Kaffarah for masturbation accompanied by sex afterwards and intentionally not fasting to have sex.

If a person masturbate and ejaculate while he is fasting in ramadan and afterwards, during that very same day, he had sexual intercourse, is kaffarah wajib on him knowing that masturbation does not necessitate kaffarah but sex does?
Secondly, if a couple intentionally does not fast in Ramadan to have sex during that day, will there be any kaffarah? Or they will only have to make up for that day?

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Hanafi: I have strong desires, almost crippling, i want to do ‘istimna, I am aware is haram, is there a rule, which is HALAL, for me to follow/switch to, without fatwa shopping, or doing something haram. I can’t marry yet, and have quit Istimna for about 2 months so far.

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Query regarding hurmate musaaharah

As salaam-alaykum.

I had a question regarding hurmate musahaarah. Growing up I had a very rough childhood and sadly fell into chronic masturbation and watching porn. It got very very bad to the point where I essentially got desensitised and it affected all aspects of my life. Any image I would see or woman in the street I would see would make me experience lust or an erection. Alhumdulillah I am now married and have children. My situation has improved a lot but unfortunately some of the effects still remain to this day. I still get a lot of wasawas regarding this and very easily get an erection or feel lust. Sometimes when I’m playing or play fighting with my daughter I might get a slight erection if I accidentally touch against her. Even the slightest thing can trigger lust/erection or wasawas.

I have read online that different madhabs have different rules as to when hurmate musahaara is established. Could I maybe change madhabs or could a different madhabs rules apply to my case? Please any advice will be appreciated. Jazakallah

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Self Masturbating in Video Call

Assalamu Alaikum, My wife and I are sexually very active and my wife wants me to have sex with her at least once a week except during her days of haidh. Now when she goes to her parents home without me, she ends up self-masturbating because I she is missing me. ...

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Cure for masturbation

Assalamualaikum, What is the cure for masturbation? Please give advice on how one can cure this habit. Also, what should one do when marriage in his society is usually done later? If one wants to fulfill his desires in the Halaal way, he must wait a very long time due...