This answer was collected from HanbaliDisciples.com. The questions have been answered by Imam John Starling.

Does Masturbation break the fast?

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. Does Masturbation break the fast? A.The act of masturbation is a sinful and evil act. If a person has such a habit, the necessary steps should be taken to abandon it and abundant Taubah and Istighfaar should be made. This should be taken even more seriously in the Month of Ramadaan. In any case,… read more »

Does masturbating nullify the fast?

Answered by Darulifta Deoband Waqf

Ref. No. 1214 Masturbating nullifies the fast? Answer: Ref. No. 1274 In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful The answer to your question is as it follows: Yes, Masturbating nullifies the fast. One has to make qaza of the fasts during which one committed masturbation, but there is no kaffara. And… read more »

I am married ALHUMDULILLAH. As far as my research is concerned the only acts prohibited/haram in … of halal and haram and I want right quidance.

Answered by Darulifta Deoband Waqf

I am married ALHUMDULILLAH.  As far as my research is concerned the only acts prohibited/haram in  Quran or sahih Hadith are as per below 1) Anal sex 2) Intercourse During Menses 3) Masturbation I have few questions below, please answer them with reference to Quran or sahih Hadith 1) I enjoy if during foreplay my… read more »

Masturbation with fear of zina

Answered by Darulifta-Deoband.com

I am a student pursuing masters degree in Thailand, I am married and the environment here is not suitable for me. It arouses my sexual desires too much. So I have a question that when I fear that I may commit zina. What is the ruling of masturbation in this situation that might save someone… read more »

Ruling on Qaza salah

Answered by Darulifta-Deoband.com

I have question that Zaid was in the age of 12 when the sperm not come out after masturbation but due to exceed of masturbation sperm ejaculation started then the qaza namaz should start according to the age of 15 or from 12. His Sheikh say to start according to 15 but he doesn’t told… read more »